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Hiring People with Disabilities fireside chat with Steve King

Accessibility lead at Canva, Steve King, joins Climate Salad as a mentor and disability advocate.

Don't Let Your Slide Deck Lead You

Angel Investor, Alan Jones, shares his tips for perfecting your pitch deck.

Great Wrap

Meet Julia and Jordy Kay, Co-Founders of the Australian-made home compostable stretch wrap eliminating plastic waste in kitchens.

Meet Climate Salad's Founding Advisor, Mandi Gunsberger

Climate Salad is thrilled to welcome its founding advisor as an entrepreneurial rockstar and expert in growing communities, Mandi Gunsberger.

Highlights from our chat with Blackbird Principal, Phoebe Harrop

Principal at Blackbird, Phoebe Harrop spoke to us about the Climate Tech landscape in Australia and New Zealand.

Welcome our Founding Advisor, Mandi Gunsberger

Entrepreneurial rockstar Mandi Gunsberger joins the Climate Salad family.

Welcome Charlotte Connell as Head of Engagement at Climate Salad

Climate Salad's new team member leading engagement


ÔÇśNo point in anything elseÔÇÖ: Gen Z members flock to climate careers

Colleges offer support as young people aim to devote their lives to battling the crisis

October 6, 2021
Found by:
Charlotte Connell
Children Born In 2020 Will Experience Up To 7 Times More Extreme Climate Events

A new study says the current climate crisis is a "severe threat" to the safety of younger generations, who will experience far more extreme climate events.

September 30, 2021
Found by:
Stefan Knight