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Don't Let Your Slide Deck Lead You

Angel Investor, Alan Jones, shares his tips for perfecting your pitch deck.

Video - Natural Capital Debate - August 11 2021

Natural capital and nature-based solutions are key to solving climate change but what really is it?

Agthentic: How Silicon Valley Set Agtech Back A Decade

Does the venture model work for ag tech?

Saul Griffith on Electrifying Everything

What does the US needs to do to electrify the entire supply chain?

Why I care about climate change?

The world is in crisis. We need leadership, grassroots passion and entire, new industries of technology to keep life on this planet in balance. But what is this technology and how do we think about it?

What is technology's big role in taking climate action?

Humans are having a large, negative impact on the environment. We need technology to fix the negative impacts, support the environment and adapt to the changes that are already happening.

System changes and individual actions

Systems and individual actions interact constantly. The system itself is not enough.


Harvard and Other Schools Make a Choice on Fossil Fuels

Climate activists on campuses across the country have spent years organizing in the name of fossil fuel divestment. That organizing is starting to pay off.

October 6, 2021
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Michael Molitor