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Planet Protector Packaging company review
Fasade tackling climate change with dark data
Great Wrap
Bloom Impact Investing
Video Interview: Anastasia Volkova from Regrow Ag
Hiring People with Disabilities fireside chat with Steve King
Accessibility lead at Canva, Steve King, joins Climate Salad as a mentor and disability advocate.
The rise of Natural Capital
Cecil Earth Co-Founder, Alex Logan and Climate Scientist, Michael Molitor discuss the rise in demand for Natural Capital and what to do about it.
Growth tips from Jeff Beazley
Lead Growth Architect at BCG Ventures, Jeff Beazley shares his tips on growth for Climate Tech startups.
2021 ANZ Climate Tech 100
100 climate tech companies from Australia and New Zealand representing a range of sectors
Carbon Emissions — What has the bigger impact — what you eat or eating local?
Animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions with beef cattle alone contributing about 3%.
Video: How Businesses Can Impact Sustainable Behaviour

Online, fireside chat about business and sustainable behaviour.

Climate Tech ANZ 50 - who's going to be on the map?

We are announcing who is in the first Climate Tech 50 from Australia and New Zealand

Video: A Waste Opportunity - Q&A with Olympia from Goterra

A fireside chat about Waste with Olympia Yarger, CEO of Goterra

Sep 22: Q&A with Phoebe Harrop on the Climate Tech Scene

Phoebe Harrop from Blackbird Ventures shares her insights in what exciting businesses she's seeing

Video - Natural Capital Debate - August 11 2021

Natural capital and nature-based solutions are key to solving climate change but what really is it?

Sustainability Report | Atlassian
Atlassian’s sustainability report covers our impacts on climate change, customer trust, diversity and belonging, and investing in education worldwide.
NSW sets sights on $80b hydrogen investment
Up to $3 billion in incentives will be on offer from the NSW government as part of a new strategy for hydrogen in the state.
France's $35B innovation plan includes nuclear reactor funds
French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday unveiled a 5-year and $35B innovation plan
Brazil's Bolsonaro accused of crimes against humanity at ICC for his record on the Amazon
A group of climate lawyers has urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for his alleged attacks on the Amazon
‘Double standards’: Australia failing to protect its ecosystems while backing global diversity target
A WWF-Australia report reveals more than 1,500 of the country’s unique ecosystems are lacking protection
Google, YouTube to prohibit ads and monetization on climate denial content
It's one of the most aggressive measures any major tech platform has taken to combat climate change misinformation
Telstra tips $1m into future ‘Atlassian of agritech’
Agritech startup Farmbot has banked $2.7 million, including $1 million from Telstra, as it races to install thousands of water-monitors in rural Australia.
Carbon offsets to help coal, gas survive
Federal Energy Minister has rejected the Business Council ’s call to tighten up its so-called safeguard mechanism to force big polluters to change behaviour.
Integrity of ‘opaque’ carbon offset rules must be tightened: Grattan
A new report says that ‘before we get too far down the track’ of offsetting emissions, key policies must be changed to ensure integrity of the system.
Pathzero raises $6.8 million to improve carbon transparency
Sydney startup Pathzeo raised $6.8m to expand globally in a round was by VC Carthona Capital, with Antler Australia investing for a 3rd time.
The Heat Is On: How Reversing Climate Change Can Define Our Generation
The Heat Is On: How Reversing Climate Change Can Define Our Generation
Halt destruction of nature or risk ‘dead planet’, leading businesses warn
Exclusive: executives demand meaningful action to protect ecosystems as UN biodiversity summit opens

Resources To Help Grow Your Climate Tech Company

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A list of climate tech angel and venture capital investors in Australia
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Simple explanations of climate issues and opportunities
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Books on climate change, sustainability and the environment
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Tools for capital raising
Carbon Pulse News Service
News and intelligence on carbon markets, greenhouse gas pricing, and climate policy
Climate Solution by Innovation Stage
Stanford Social Innovation Review
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Working Group I, Summary for Policy-Makers: THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS
IPCC Sixth Assessment, Working Group I, THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS, Summary for Policy-makers, August 2021
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Tips on getting introductions
Links: Climate Change
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