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Climate Salad is a network that boosts climate tech companies, in Australia and New Zealand, with tools, programs, and community support. About.

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We welcome climate tech entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, people working or want to be working in climate, mentors, investors, corporates, government, fans and supporters.

Hoopsy paves the way for mainstream eco-pregnancy tests
Carbon Sync fosters farmers' carbon farming
Charopy is solving recycling challenges
Change Foods: Harnessing the magic of microbes
Nicole Kleid Small: I’m no greenie, but now is the time to invest in ClimateTech
The Climate Connection, the founders, the researchers, the dreamers and me
Researchers, founders and investors formed connections across the value chain of climate tech.
A Trillion Positive Decisions
In this episode of The Social Innovation Podcast, host Zal chats with Climate Salad co-founder Mick all things climate tech, and why there are more opportunities to impact climate action than you think.
Introducing Olivia Utharntharm, our Programs Manager
Please meet our Programs Manager, Olivia Utharntharm
Introducing Jess Taylor, our partnerships manager
Meet Jess our Partnerships Manager here at Climate Salad
Melbourne Climate Tech Showcase report
It's always a little nerve-wracking to venture into new territory, but Melbourne did not disappoint with a strong Climate Tech community
Queensland Climate Tech Showcase is coming in hot!

We are excited to invite you to our Queensland Climate Tech Showcase hosted by Climate Salad and The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur (OQCE)

Tips For a San Francisco Tech Trip

Some top insider tips from Mick if you're journeying to SF for the first time.

Connecting With Investors On Linkedin

Pitch me the vision, do some research and tell me where you're at

The Inventors: The Climate Connection

On June 9, we're connecting researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors together for climate tech.

Climate Tech Founders Pitch at our Melbourne Showcase

Over 25 founders pitched to a packed showcase in Melbourne on Wednesday April 6. Here is a list of who's who.

World Economic Forum VCs alone can not solve climate change
World Economic Forum VCs alone can not solve climate change. We need global and purpose-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems
Stone and Chalk group diversifies Australia’s climate tech
Stone and Chalk group diversifies Australia’s climate tech offerings, says CEO Fostering innovation in the start-up ecosystem.
NSW's largest coal mine to close
Mining giant BHP fails to find a buyer for its Mt Arthur operation in the NSW Hunter Valley, and announces it will close the site in 2030
European climate investors are under-investing in agrifoodtech's potential
Climate investors may want to take a closer look at emerging opportunities in agrifoodtech, according to new research from AgFunder and Invest-NL
Understanding the SEC’s proposed climate risk disclosure rule
A new rule proposed by the SEC would require companies to significantly increase their reporting on climate risk. We look at the implications for senior executives.
$9 Billion For Climate Tech Startups, Tesla’s Tough Quarter And Flooding In Yellowstone
This week’s Current Climate, which every Saturday brings you the latest news about the business of sustainability
Research shows native plants can detox PFAS-contaminated water
New research from Australia's national science agency CSIRO, the University of South Australia and the University of Western Australia has found that PFAS chemicals can be removed from contaminated water using Australian plants grown in a floating wetland.
Small Steps by Giant Leap: CSIRO’s $13b roadmap for clean, green proteins
Small Steps Vol 54: Australia's clean protein opportunity 🌿; flipping healthcare with value-based companies 👩‍⚕️; and HolonIQ’s state of impact funding 💸
Postcards from the frontlines of climate change
Australia has some 16 Pacific Island neighbours — some with a landmass a millionth our size — who unanimously declare climate change the “single greatest threat” to the region.
The climate champions hoping to play kingmaker in Australia’s election
The pro-business, pro-environment ‘teal independents’ could help to usher in a greener government in the May 21 vote
Thousands of EV chargers to be installed across regional NSW
More than 3000 electric vehicle chargers will be installed across NSW under a multimillion-dollar plan by the state government to boost regional tourism
‘Climate entrepreneurs deserve fast capital’: Enduring Planet unwraps a new fintech platform
Enduring Planet, a new fintech firm that exclusively funds climate entrepreneurs, is taking the wraps of its first product after securing $5 million in debt and equity financing.

Resources To Help Grow Your Climate Tech Company

Australian Climate Tech Investor List
A list of climate tech angel and venture capital investors in Australia
Basic Tips for Mentors
Tips for mentors
Beyond The Buzzwords
Simple explanations of climate issues and opportunities
Books on Climate Change
Books on climate change, sustainability and the environment
Capital Raising Toolkit
Tools for capital raising
Carbon Pulse News Service
News and intelligence on carbon markets, greenhouse gas pricing, and climate policy
Climate Solution by Innovation Stage
Stanford Social Innovation Review
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Working Group I, Summary for Policy-Makers: THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS
IPCC Sixth Assessment, Working Group I, THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS, Summary for Policy-makers, August 2021
Investor Introduction Template
Tips on getting introductions