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Mick Liubinskas

Climate Change: Why are we here?

The earth seems so big, we couldn't possibly use all the resources.

Tips For a San Francisco Tech Trip

Some top insider tips from Mick if you're journeying to SF for the first time.

Connecting With Investors On Linkedin

Pitch me the vision, do some research and tell me where you're at

South Start Interactive Town Hall Climate Tech Table

3 actions in 1 week to kickstart climate tech projects

That's a wrap! 2021 in a salad bowl

In a little over 6 months, Climate Salad has grown from a blog into Australia and New Zealand's largest and leading Climate Tech community.

Climate Action: The Power of Ten

If we can combine these ten elements, we can avert climate disaster

2021 ANZ Climate Tech 100

100 climate tech companies from Australia and New Zealand representing a range of sectors

Does it matter what climate tech is?

Do we need a tight definition or is it better to leave it open ended?