About Us


What is Climate Salad?

Climate Salad is an active network to boost climate tech companies, in Australia, with tools, programs, and community support.

Who is this for?

We welcome climate tech entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, talent, mentors, investors, corporates, government, fans and supporters.

Introducing Climate Salad

Humanity has seen tremendous growth in general increase in prosperity over the last 200 years. This has come at the cost of the environment. We need to find ways to live in harmony with our planet, quickly.
Technology plays a key role in helping us get to sustainability.

Climate Salad aims to help those that are building technology solutions to climate problems get more customers, find great people and grow to their full potential.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Climate Salad Vision and Mission

Climate Salad massively contributes to climate action by helping companies building products to solve climate challenges to get connected to customers, talent, and investors.
By 2030, Climate Salad will have significantly impacted 1,000 climate tech companies by getting them a customer, a team member or an investor

Meet Our Amazing Team

Charlotte Connell

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Surfer, mother of two, and lousy but enthusiastic shower singer. Climate Reality Leader, Co-Director and Sustainability lead at Founder Institute as well as EIR in Sustainability at Fishburners Charlotte is driven to democratise sustainability so that any and all businesses can make a positive impact on the planet.

Mandi Gunsberger

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Mandi is Climate Salad's founding advisor. Mandi was the Founder & CEO of Babyology 2007-2017. Babyology is the number one media company for Australian parents. Now she dedicates her time to helping Climate Tech companies grow.

Jess Taylor

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From experiential marketing to travel to start up tech, Jess has had a diverse career. After years of building experience and skills, Jess has joined Climate Salad to support the growth of the Climate Tech ecosystem and the warriors within it. With passions in food and habitual change, Jess is excited to support leaders and the everyday person to play their part in achieving a better, more sustainable world for all.

Robin Golderg

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Business builder. Strategic thinker. Brand champion. Global leader. Robin brings more than three decades of experience in driving growth in global organizations from the start-up stage onwards in industries ranging from CPG, technology, publishing and education. She has held leadership roles at Minerva, Blurb and Lonely Planet. Robin serves as Climate Salad’s Strategic and Operations Advisor.

Jacki Bond

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Civil engineer to investment banker to climate change enthusiast. Two decades of experience in the fast-paced world of investment banking now being directed to the climate crisis. Proud mum, happy wife, Bondi local.

Olivia Utharntharm

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Olivia is a musician turned sustainability devotee who believes that we can combat the climate crisis with immediate action. After spending a few years working in the Arts she is now focussed on supporting Climate Salad and climate tech companies to grow. Olivia is spearheading an industry-first report into the state of the Australia and New Zealand climate tech industry.

Mick Liubinskas

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Mick is a climate tech advisor and angel investor in Cecil, Ripe Robotics, Startmate and EnergyLab, co-founder of Pollenizer and muru-D and author of She’s Building A Robot. Mick is a dad of 3 kids, a football (round ball) player with a strong desire to surf in Bali.

Michael Molitor

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Michael is a veteran climate scientist and practitioner. Climate Research Division at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Climate Change team at BP, Global Leader of Climate Change Services at PwC, Senior Advisor on Climate Change at McKinsey, the Co-founder of Emmi.io, PhD at Cambridge University, post-doc fellowship at Harvard