Supporting NSW's
Climate Tech Industry

Growing Climate Tech in New South Wales

The Office of Energy and Climate Change, as part of NSW Treasury, have supported Climate Salad to run multi-year ecosystem building activities and company growth programs.

This is to build on the significant tech and sustainability foundation, to create climate solutions, jobs and economic growth.

What is this program?

Climate Salad received funding through The NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change to: 

Scale up existing offerings and ecosystem building, specifically to fast-track a 9-month Global Growth Program.

From the Office of Energy and Climate Change website;

The Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) was established in the Treasury Cluster in April 2022.

OECC is led by Acting Deputy Secretary of Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability (ECCS) Andrew Lewis, and Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo) Chief Executive James Hay, who each report to the NSW Treasury Secretary.

One of the central planks of NSW's economic policy agenda is ensuring the state leads the way on climate change and seizes the opportunities from the transformation to a new low-cost, clean energy economy. Establishing OECC within the Treasury Cluster enables the government to harness and leverage synergies and expertise across Treasury ‚Äď and it opens up exciting new opportunities for Treasury to play a highly influential role in responding to the significant economic and environmental challenges.

2024 Opportunities

Global Growth Program

Q1 2024

Climate Salad's Global Growth Program (GGP) is a nine-month accelerator-style program for high-potential Australian climate tech ventures. The program focusses on providing access to investors, customers and mentorship for ventures to succeed on a global scale.

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How can I find out more?

If you'd like to be involved or would like to find out more about these programs or the partnership, we'd be happy to chat with you.


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Climate Salad Vision and Mission

We see a world where Australian climate tech startups create an outsized global impact.
By 2030, we will help 1,000 climate tech companies and help 100 with international expansion.