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Climate Action: The Power of Ten

If we can combine these ten elements, we can avert climate disaster

Our Speaker, Sarah Nolet built an Agtech VC, here's her story

Co-Founder of Tenacious Ventures and speaker at our showcase, Sarah Nolet, shares her journey from blog to Agtech VC powerhouse.

2021 ANZ Climate Tech 100

100 climate tech companies from Australia and New Zealand representing a range of sectors

Interview: Phil Morle is trying to feed 10 billion people

Mick speaks to Phil Morle from Main Sequence Ventures

Video: A Waste Opportunity - Q&A with Olympia from Goterra

A fireside chat about Waste with Olympia Yarger, CEO of Goterra

Flood preparation, management and data from FloodMapp

Flood forecasting and real-time flood mapping


One Small Step hires Tessa Marano as Chief Content Officer

Tessa Marano was the head of fundraising and content lead at sustainability non-profit 1 Million Women, she is the first senior hire to help them massively scale their brand and user growth after they concluded a seed round in July 2021.

September 8, 2021
Found by:
Lily Dempster