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Hoopsy paves the way for mainstream eco-pregnancy tests

Founder of Hoopsy, Lara, has created a 99% paper pregnancy test without sacrificing accuracy or convenience.

A Trillion Positive Decisions

In this episode of The Social Innovation Podcast, host Zal chats with Climate Salad co-founder Mick all things climate tech, and why there are more opportunities to impact climate action than you think.

Carbon Sync fosters farmers' carbon farming

Carbon Sync helps farmers develop carbon farming systems and sells these carbon credits to businesses.

Charopy is solving recycling challenges

Recycling company Charopy solves the problem of contaminated corporate recycling

Change Foods: Harnessing the magic of microbes

Delicious, animal-free, climate-friendly dairy is possible with Change Foods

Announcing our upcoming Climate Tech Industry Report

This industry-first report will deep dive into the ANZ Climate Tech industry.

Climate Tech Founders Pitch at our Melbourne Showcase

Over 25 founders pitched to a packed showcase in Melbourne on Wednesday April 6. Here is a list of who's who.

Nicole Kleid Small: IÔÇÖm no greenie, but now is the time to invest in ClimateTech

Nicole, Investment Director at Rampersand VC and early stage Australian tech investor, argues why it is now so important to invest in Climate Tech - not just to benefit the climate, but to ensure the safety, health and success of people.


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