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Improving the sustainability of homes, that's hot!

Top Property is an online marketplace platform dedicated to energy and water efficiency, to improve the sustainability of our homes.

Reluv-ing recycled fashion for climate

Reluv is an Australian owned digital platform designed to help the circular fashion industry

The Australian Climate Technology Landscape

The Australian Climate Technology Landscape

On a mission to make secondhand mainstream

SwapUp is a managed marketplace on a mission to make secondhand mainstream.

Tackling food waste one kitchen at a time!

We help take the manual and mental workload out of managing the kitchen. Less work. Less effort. Less uneaten food. Save money. Reduce your environmental food print.

SA Water Supporting Climate Tech Innovation

SA Water supporting climate tech innovation in the region.

Australia's defining moment in climate tech

The inaugural Climate Tech Festival was a defining moment in the Australian climate tech ecosystem, demonstrating the strength of this industry.

Unleashing the power of families for climate action

Be The Future unleashes the power of families to drive positive climate action


Sydney Impact Venture Capital Competition

Sydney Impact Investing (SUIIS) in partnership with Beckon Capital are running a competition for impact startups.

September 28, 2021
Found by:
Charlotte Connell
One Small Step hires Tessa Marano as Chief Content Officer

Tessa Marano was the head of fundraising and content lead at sustainability non-profit 1 Million Women, she is the first senior hire to help them massively scale their brand and user growth after they concluded a seed round in July 2021.

September 8, 2021
Found by:
Lily Dempster