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2021 ANZ Climate Tech 100

100 climate tech companies from Australia and New Zealand representing a range of sectors

Carbon Emissions ÔÇö What has the bigger impact ÔÇö what you eat or eating local?

Animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions with beef cattle alone contributing about 3%.

Great Wrap

Meet Julia and Jordy Kay, Co-Founders of the Australian-made home compostable stretch wrap eliminating plastic waste in kitchens.

Bloom Impact Investing

Bloom Makes Climate Impact Investing Easy and Accessible.

Interview: Phil Morle is trying to feed 10 billion people

Mick speaks to Phil Morle from Main Sequence Ventures

New climate tech scaleup hub coming to Sydney 

The City of Sydney teams up with seed venture firm Investible to build a climate tech hub in Circular Quay

Financing for sustainable home improvements with Brighte

Brighte is a credit technology platform for energy improvements

Household recycling system with Lasso Loop

Lasso is a recycling system for your home


Sydney Impact Venture Capital Competition

Sydney Impact Investing (SUIIS) in partnership with Beckon Capital are running a competition for impact startups.

September 28, 2021
Found by:
Charlotte Connell
One Small Step hires Tessa Marano as Chief Content Officer

Tessa Marano was the head of fundraising and content lead at sustainability non-profit 1 Million Women, she is the first senior hire to help them massively scale their brand and user growth after they concluded a seed round in July 2021.

September 8, 2021
Found by:
Lily Dempster