Be The Future unleashes the power of families to change our climate story with kids books and games made from waste that burst with humour, hope and playful action, amplified by audio storytelling and gamified digital experiences.  We’ll regularly launch collaborative, creative campaigns with audacious stunts - to not only sell educational multimedia to families - but to change the climate story. Plus we’ll collaborate with mission-aligned organisations to provide curriculum-aligned educational multimedia in schools and preschools across Australia and the UK.

Co-Founder, Sally Giblin

Our key challenges are to continuously create products that deliver on our brand promise and to acquire customers at scale to make a meaningful impact and create a financially sustainable business.

Our climate ed tech solution is different.  We cultivate intergenerational action by leading with humour, solutions and hope. We foster immersive learning across the real-world and digital. We use an integrated circular model that rethinks product design, manufacture, use and end of life.

Report Card

  • Team: Co Founded by Sally Giblin (environmentalist, writer and management consultant), and, Helen Hill (educator, award winning author and designer). We’re working with an experienced Editor and Art Director team to finalise our first product collection.
  • Product: We’re finalising our first product collection. We help you feel the possibility with our storybooks, believe you can change the future with our games, and rewrite our climate story with our activity books
  • Market: We’re currently seeking families who’d love to be beta product testers and introductions to mission-aligned organisations, councils and businesses.
  • Momentum: We host the successful Hope. Act. Thrive. podcast for parents - with 560 daily listeners, support by global partnerships and features in leading conscious parent publications. Plus we have a growing social media community of 1,800. 
  • Impact: We will measure our impact in five main ways: number of sponsorships of products in schools, number of sales of products to families, number of registrations to our multigenerational Ambassador program, number of actions taken through our digital hub, and the cradle to cardle impact of our products.

From The Founders

Company Name:  Be The Future -

Summary: We unleash the power of families to change our climate story with humorous and hopeful kids books & games made from waste, amplified by audio storytelling and gamified digital experiences.

Product stage: Prototype

Founder: Sally Giblin & Helen Hill 

Company mission: To unleash the power of families to change our climate story

Why the team wants to solve this problem:

We’ve broken our planet. As the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report tells us, the time for climate action is “now - or never” if we’re to avoid climate disaster (IPCC, 2022). According to a landmark survey, 60% of young people feel ‘very worried’ or ‘extremely worried’ about climate change (Hickman et al, 2021). This is no way for the children we love to live. What if we could inspire the next generation of children to be part of creating a future where people and nature thrive? What if - as adults - we could leave a lasting legacy, by creating a better future with our children?

Come and meet Sally and be part of the Be The Future unconference area at the Climate Tech Festival and Awards on Dec 7 in Warrang/Sydney

Nov 18, 2022

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