Reluv is an Australian owned digital platform designed to facilitate buying and selling of curated, premium quality preloved clothing for women, and encourage circularity in the fashion industry.

Customer Focus

Anyone looking to buy or sell womens clothing aged 18 plus in the ANZ region. Future customers will also include apparel and accessory brands as we develop a resale-as-a-service offering for apparel and accessory brands in the ANZ region. 


  • Customer acquisition
  • Technology requirements as we expand
  • Access to finance to support growth.
  • Growth in stock acquisition levels¬†


Our business has been founded with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We are the only resale platform in Australia to invest in the lives of garment workers as we endeavour to close the loop on both the environmental and social practices within the fashion supply chain. 

Report Card

Karen, founder of Reluv

Team: Karen Freidin, Mark Freidin

Product: Preloved Clothing and accessories

Market:  There are approximately 4.76 million women in Australia aged 25 - 65, and another 1.6 million women in New Zealand who are our target market. 

Momentum: Community of 7000+ Reluvers


  • 183,153* kg CO2e saved
  • 12,248 items of clothing kept in circulation
  • 6,624 kgs of textiles saved
  • 35,769,600** litres of water saved from the production of new garments.¬†
  • $3511 Donated to garment workers in developing countries.¬†

* *Based on average estimates for carbon emissions per item of clothing. 

** Based on estimates for water usage for the production of the average cotton T shirt

From The Founders

Company Name:  Reluv Clothing

Themes: #prelovedclothing #sustainablefashion #circularfashion #fashionresale #secondhandstyle #fashion #ethicalfashion #garmentworkers 

Product stage: Growth and Commercialisation


Interview with Bank Australia 

Ragtrader Magazine 

Ecovoice article March 23 

Company mission:

Reluv is a resale platform on a mission to minimise the impact of the fashion industry on people and planet, by transforming the way we shop.


Why the team wants to solve this problem:

There are significant environmental and social impacts within the fashion industry. The most sustainable way to shop is to purchase preloved. A garment is at its highest value in the use phase so keeping clothes in circulation and extending the life of clothes is a key element of circular fashion. The number of clothes the average consumer purchases has increased 60 percent between 2000 and 2014, and the clothes are kept only half as long. And approximately 40% of our wardrobes are never worn. 

In addition to this, we want to address some of the inequalities faced by garment workers in developing countries who are often poorly paid with little to no workers rights. We aim to improve their lives by supporting  advocacy, education and empowerment programs for them. 


May 31, 2023

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