We help take the manual and mental workload out of managing the kitchen.

Less work. Less effort. Less uneaten food.

Save money. Reduce your environmental food print.

Meet Kate McHugh, who founded Kitchenhand to help tackle food waste: 

Our unique tools help automate the chores in planning and managing food that are ordinarily undertaken by memory and manually. This helps household kitchens be more efficient and effective, reducing uneaten food.
Founder, Kate McHugh

Customer Focus: The end users are households and specifically, the people in households responsible for planning, cooking, storing and eating up food. Research suggests that our primary target is dual income household with families, We are also sitting in a network of issues with food producers, retailers and government, who are all entangled in the complex task in the reduction of food waste. We are primarily focused on the Australian market as we are early stage and yet to achieve real product market fit.‍

Challenges: Our biggest challenge is that we are a consumer facing platform. We will require good user growth to obtain statistically significant information before we can attract B2B and B2G customers. We will struggle to raise funds from VC as a consumer facing business and will therefore need to identify angel investors and HNW individuals and family offices that are vested in this cause.‍

Highlights: We are taking an entirely different approach to the problem. Our theory of change is grounded in the emotional and mental labour required to manage household food waste.

Team: KitchenHand is founded by Kate McHugh, a former sustainability and supply chain executive, passionate about food. As a farmer’s granddaughter and the daughter of a meat exporter, she has grown up appreciating food as a valuable resource.

Product: Our product is a novel approach to support households instead of telling them they need to be better at solving the problem.

Market: With every household in australia discarding an average of $2500 per year in food waste, the domestic value of food waste is $20billion. Clipping the ticket as we reduce this is significant. There is further value in partnerships and data that comes from our methodology.

Momentum: Our last month on month growth was 25%.

Impact: Through the reduction of food waste we will reduce household GHG emissions and help users save money.

Company Name:  KitchenHand

Summary: Kitchenhand - your kitchen helper

Product stage: MVP

Founder: Kate McHugh

Capital raising: have raised angel investment only; looking for pre-seed and further angel investment

Company mission: Reduce household food waste

Why the team wants to solve this problem: Kate is farmer's granddaughter and the daughter of a meat trader. In her family food is a valuable resource. She is also a sustainability and supply chain executive with a reputation for leaving things in better shape than she found them.

Kate is passionate about good food, is a former restaurant reviewer, and was the founder of Australia’s first online sustainable grocery and meal kit service. She has now turned her focus to one of the world’s wicked problems - food waste.


Mar 29, 2023

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