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Goterra Company Profile

Waste management technology that delivers on a circular economy

Planet Protector Packaging company review

Planet Protector uses waste wool to create an alternative that thermally outperforms polystyrene at the same price point.

2021 ANZ Climate Tech 100

100 climate tech companies from Australia and New Zealand representing a range of sectors

Interview: Phil Morle is trying to feed 10 billion people

Mick speaks to Phil Morle from Main Sequence Ventures

Video Interview: Anastasia Volkova from Regrow Ag

CEO and Co-Founder talks about the foundation, growth and future of this amazing company.

Agthentic: How Silicon Valley Set Agtech Back A Decade

Does the venture model work for ag tech?

Green Unicorns - climate tech companies worth one billion dollars

How many Green Unicorns (climate tech companies worth more than $1B) are there? Where are they from? What sectors are they in?


Chile wants to export solar energy to Asia via 15,000km submarine cable

The Ant├şpodas project was announced by the Chilean government last week. It is aimed at taking advantage of the huge solar potential of the Atacama Desert, which is the world's region with the highest solar radiation.

November 17, 2021
Found by:
Ross Sharman
Could this new version of an old grain help fight climate change and feed the world?

Scientists in Kansas have transformed a perennial wheatgrass into a potential substitute for regular wheat. Their goal is to lessen environmental harm done by standard industrial farming and also rebuild the soil.

October 25, 2021
Found by:
Michael Molitor
Cutting methane is the best way to avoid disaster

Drastically cutting methane emissions in the near-term might be our only hope of keeping heating below 1.5┬░C

September 24, 2021
Found by:
Michael Molitor
Vertical farm outfit seeks $10m as it breaks new ground in Queensland

Vertical farming business Stacked Farms is looking to expand in a world increasingly affected by climate change

September 23, 2021
Found by:
Michael Molitor
The sound of inevitability: the coming consolidation in Agtech

One reason is that venture capital fund lifecycles

September 9, 2021
Found by:
Sarah Nolet
Infographic: Distribution of mammals on earth

Spoiler alert: It's humans and cattle mostly

August 25, 2021
Found by:
Mick Liubinskas