Meet BioCarbon, the climate tech startup revolutionising green steel manufacturing.

From woody wastes we produce a charcoal briquette that replaces coal in steelmaking, a clean burning gas and a liquid biostimulant for agriculture.

Customer Focus‚Äć

We target steelmakers for our briquette product and farmers for our raw char and liquid products.

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We have a working pilot plant, are in negotiations with steelmakers for long term use of our briquette and have a site with ample woody waste to process.   What we need now is capital to make that project happen. 


  • Our briquettes are the first of their kind in the world.¬† We have replaced coal based coke in trials at two steel mills.¬†¬†
  • Our charcoal making process is eminently scaleable and produces charcoal more efficiently and economically than any other technology.
  • Excess charcoal (Biochar) can be used in agriculture and reduces CO2 in the atmosphere.¬† Biochar is carbon storage.¬†
Co-founder John Mellowes


Team:  We have a multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds in steel research, engineering and business management.

Product: We have 2 IP families: charcoal production and briquette making for steel.

Market: Our market is mind boggling.  Decarbonising steel is one of the wicked problems of climate change.  With our product truly green steel is possible.

Momentum: We are currently trialing at a steel plant in Sydney.  Once these trials are complete we need to supply the product at scale.

Impact: Truly green steel.

Company Name:  BioCarbon

Themes: Green steel, Biochar, Circular Economy, Carbon Neutral, Carbon Negative

Summary: Woody waste to truly green steel

Product stage: Pilot plant

Founder: John Mellowes, Chad Sheppeard

Capital raising: $7.5M

Company mission: Truly Green Steel, Carbon storage with Biochar

Mark Willcocks
Jun 12, 2023

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