On December 7 the team at Climate Salad created a massive inflection point in the Australian climate tech industry.

The inaugural Climate Tech Festival totally exceeded our ambitions;

A thank you note from CEO and Founder of Climate Salad, Mick Liubinskas: 

A clear indication of the strength, momentum and opportunity in this industry. To Tech Central Sydney - we couldn't have done it without your support up front for this wild ambition. Huge thanks to Jared Ingersoll, Germaine Lau and Dina Bloom for pulling it all together. Enormous appreciation for Olivia Utharntharm and Charlotte Connell for a huge effort to support it and more importantly to create the platform for it to happen at all from a year of work. 'Big Thank You' to Audrey Jean-baptiste Robin Goldberg Keith Goldberg Jacki Bond and Stefan Knight for your hard work in prep and on the day. 'You're the best' to the big team of volunteers who turned up, setup, signed up, and rolled up (their sleeves) to make such a big event possible. Most importantly, thanks to the founders and teams working in the climate tech companies who are doing the hard work to build solutions to this massive problem we are facing.

Climate Salad team

And a giant thank you to our festival partners, who made this ecosystem super charger event possible

Most of all thank you to the climate tech founders building solutions that will save us - keep building, growing and making that amazing impact! 

2022 was big.

2023 will be bigger.

We're kicking off 2023 with a South Australian Showcase on February 8 - grab your tickets.

Dec 20, 2022

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