Geoneon is revolutionising the way asset managers assess climate-related risks and implement effective adaptation strategies with their cutting-edge software platform.

Customer Focus‚Äć

Geoneon focuses on government agencies, private asset managers, infrastructure owners, insurance companies, financial institutions, and international development and disaster relief organisations.


Geoneon aims to address the limitations of traditional climate risk assessment methods, the aging infrastructure, and the increasing economic losses due to climate change. 


  • Integrated climate data from multiple sources
  • Advanced scenario analysis and forecasting tools
  • Decision-support system for actionable insights¬†¬†
Roxane and Alex, Co-founders of Geoneon


Report Card

Team: Expertise in disaster risk reduction, satellite data, AI, and data fusion. 

Product: Comprehensive software platform for climate risk assessment and adaptation.

Market: Diverse sectors including government agencies, private asset managers, insurance companies, and international organisations.

Momentum: Successful implementation in projects across Australia and overseas, numerous grants, and partnerships in major infrastructure projects.

Impact: Reducing climate-related economic losses and protecting critical infrastructure.

Company Name: Geoneon

Themes:  Climate Tech, Climate Risk Assessment, Adaptation, Deep Tech

Summary: Geoneon's software platform empowers asset managers to anticipate economic impacts of climatic disasters and implement effective adaptation strategies.

Product stage: Seed

Founder: Roxane and Alex

Capital raising: Bootstrapping.

Company mission: To use technology for creating a safer world by helping communities adapt to climate change and mitigating disaster risks.‚Äć

Why the team wants to solve this problem: Personal experiences growing up in the Alps and witnessing the devastating impacts of climate change and natural disasters on their communities.

May 12, 2023

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