Company Updates for Climate Tech Companies

Regular company updates are an important and high efficiency way to build relationships with mentors, advisors, investors and supporters.

Particularly for investment, updates can turn dots of connections into a line of a relationship.

Here are some thoughts on how you can do your company updates.

Suggested structure:

  1. Short pitch (remind people what you are)
  2. What have you done
  3. What you’re doing - what’s coming up next
  4. Asks - how people can help you
  5. Thanks - give kudos to those that have helped you


  • Keep it short and concise
  • focus on customers, product, team, and traction.
  • Only talk about capital raising when you are over 50% the way through your round.
  • Send these out by BCC email or mailing list tool to all your supporters, and potential investors. At least monthly and every 2 weeks 3 months out from cap raise.
  • Focus on building relationships
  • Be ok to talk about your problems and failures. Next month you can talk about how you addressed it.
  • Track engagement - this will help you work out who your investors should/could be.

Note: Only put in here what you are prepared to go public. It’s chatham house rules (don’t share it without asking) but this is an open community and there is no guarantees.Other ideas/feedback from founders, mentors, investors?

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Mick Liubinskas