Basic Tips for Mentors

Quick tips for people who are mentoring:

  • Ask questions rather than give answers - make them think. If you give a founder an answer, you solve one problem, tech them how to solve the problem...
  • Share experiences rather than give advice - it's much safer. It stops you giving advice on things you don't have experience in and also lets them do what they want with it rather than just doing what you tell them.
  • Suggest activities to do rather than general comments - giving them a task is more valuable then making a broad statement. They can do something with it and it's practical.
  • Be honest, be committed, be aligned - this is good for the relationship.
  • Be comfortable saying "I don't know" - you're not expected to know everything. It's ok to say you don't have any idea on some areas.

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Mick Liubinskas