We are thrilled to announce the 2024 cohort of our Global Growth Program!

Designed for high growth climate tech businesses with global ambitions, the Global Growth Program (GGP) is a 9-month program tailored to support scalable Australian climate tech solutions prepare for and expand into new international markets. Focussed on providing high-value, hands-on sustained support, the program centres around three core components to accelerate global growth: Readiness to scale, international market entry, and global growth funding.

GGP2 Cohort across Australia

The selection of these 23 companies underscores Australia’s potential to lead the charge in developing practical, scalable solutions to address pressing environmental issues. Among the cohort of companies, a wide range of innovative solutions is on display, from almost all sectors of climate tech. You can learn more about the cohort here, but below is a short overview of each company, and their LinkedIn - you can follow each online to keep updated on their progress.

The GGP2 cohort has sector breadth, and diversity of both founders and solutions

The GGP emphasises collaboration and bespoke support as a key to succeeding in global markets. By connecting startups with mentors, investors, and industry leaders, the GGP provides invaluable resources to help these companies scale their impact. Through this ecosystem of support, participating startups are poised to drive meaningful change and make a tangible difference. 

There are several key markets the cohort is targeting. The US is the startup capital of the world, with climate tech hubs in places including San Francisco, New York, Colorado and Texas. The EU and UK have advanced policy and regulation, which is accelerating customer demand. And ASEAN, as well as India, is closer to home, and are huge emerging markets with large populations and an increasing awareness of the need to implement practical climate solutions.

GGP2 companies are expanding into key international markets

By supporting and amplifying the efforts of these startups, we can move closer to a more sustainable, resilient world for generations to come.

If you’re interested in connecting with the cohort as a customer, investor or supporter, or engaging with the GGP more broadly, you can reach out to Olivia Utharntharm (Program Manager) at olivia@climatesalad.com

Meet the GGP2 Companies

‚ÄćAlchemy Charge have developed a pioneering SmartPoint technology that effortlessly converts standard power outlets into intelligent, pay-per-use charging stations, enabling individuals to effortlessly generate income from their existing power sources.

Alt Leather is a world class 100% plant-based leather alternative, a sustainable solution to carbon-intensive animal leather and petroleum based plastic synthetics.

‚ÄćAvani Solutions has spent almost two decades developing advanced integration technologies that actively decarbonise buildings, by changing the way they behave.

Baresop offers a revolutionary approach to personal care. Their concentrated plant-based formula, featuring a patented crystallised oil ingredient, enables consumers to reduce their plastic waste and carbon footprint through their personal care productions.

‚ÄćBeam Solar has developed an analysis platform and marketplace to assess, procure and manage your solar project.

‚ÄćBioCarbon produces valuable renewable carbon products from low value biomass streams using Advanced Manufacturing.

Brightspace engineers innovative and accessible building efficiency solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

C2Zero empowers businesses and individuals to purchase and cancel carbon emissions allowances from Government regulated emissions trading schemes in novel and creative ways to turn carbon into a value add instead of a green box ticking exercise.

Capricorn Power generates renewable electricity (and heat) from sustainable materials which now go to landfill, and from waste heat and solar heat. 

DNA Energy uses their purpose built software and unique wireless mesh technology to deliver asset level, real-time interoperability (metering & control) across HVAC, solar, batteries, EVs, pumps, hot water, and more.

Enaxiom is on a mission to decarbonise water treatment and cooling processes. 

Evalue8 Sustainability empowers organisations to lower their carbon emissions and energy costs and demonstrate their progress.

Evitat is on a mission to empower 1 million home renovators globally to positively contribute to a sustainable, climate-resilient and regenerative future by 2030 through their simple home renovation platform powered by AI.

FootprintLab makes the environmental footprint of every transaction transparent and credible. By bringing to light the hidden impacts behind our consumption and production activities, consumers, producers and governments can make informed decisions that align with society’s sustainability goals.  

GeoNadir makes Earth observation analytics accessible for everyone, with browser based, frictionless, and convenient consumption of EO data, through the next generation of geoAI. They are supporting environmental teams to use Earth observation data to derive actionable insights for assessing, monitoring, and managing change.

HydGene Renewables harnesses the power of synthetic biology tools and green hydrogen technology to transform biomass waste into clean hydrogen. 

Levur is on a mission to provide an alternative palm oil supply to save our rainforests.

Newera.Bio uses a combination of synthetic biology and our proprietary approach to produce sustainable and high-performing textile dyes, helping to build a wholly sustainable and innovative textile industry.

Reforest supports every business with taking real climate and nature action in a way that actively benefits their business and their customers.

‚ÄćSetmetrics provides the global platform for the commercial real estate ecosystem, to optimise long term energy performance and enable decarbonization of existing building stock.

Sunified are developers of an integrated PV panel sensor, delivering new deep-tech data, critical to energy infrastructure driving the global transition.

Voltavate specialises in advanced battery separators that enhance battery performance, safety, and lifespan, while also reducing production waste and cost.

Zero Waste Project significantly reduces food waste using a revolutionary filter that absorbs ethylene, bacteria, mould, and odours and, therefore, extends the life of fresh produce by days and up to weeks. 


GGP2 Kickoff Dinner in Melbourne 
GGP2 Kickoff Dinner in Sydney
Apr 16, 2024

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