A sustainable tomorrow starts today. That’s the first thing the team at Terran Industries wants everyone to know. It’s never too late to start taking climate action. Though for the Terran Team, our sustainable tomorrow actually started in 2020.

Our founder, Evannah Jayne, spent the first seven years of her career watching businesses with high socio-environmental costs begin their cautious, unfamiliar foray into the green transition. Intent on making a positive difference during this shift, Evannah sought to reach out a helping hand. She leveraged her connections and industry expertise to close the extensive knowledge gap, and work towards an intentional, permanent green transition for public-private entities.

The climate tech landscape is continually evolving, and not all companies have the capability or resources to implement a flawless transition. Furthermore, the emerging compliance and reporting landscape can be a minefield to navigate. These issues led Evannah to build her response in Terran Industries. We are a global team, well-versed in climate science, sustainable product and service alternatives, reporting, ESG strategy, and more. We offer sustainability as an outsourced service so that clients can focus on their business while we take care of their sustainability.

Customer focus

One of the first major steps intaking climate action is to cut current emissions rates worldwide. For this reason, our targeted customers are in heavy polluting industries: agriculture, aviation, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation. Within these sectors, we look to collaborate with mid-to-large tier companies.

While these sectors present the biggest opportunities to create the most change, sustainability is a tool that can improve companies of any size, in any sector. Terran has a suite of sustainable solutions, a growing network of companies and experts, and a 10,000+strong repository of verified climate tech solutions. This challenge is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we want to make outsourcing and improvement accessible for all.


Terran Industries is currently navigating the complexity of competing geopolitical interests in our markets of operation. An increase of investments and startups in the green transition has also presented growing market competition globally.


2023 was a busy year for the Terran Team! Our company has now grown to 30+ team members, which has allowed us to open our European hub in Berlin and a secondary US office in Seattle. We joined the We Don’t Have Time Movement and have amassed 4.3k followers in our first year. Terran is also now a member of the League of Companies, a collaborative ecosystem connecting businesses.

In addition to our growing international influence, Terran has sought to give back to our Australian roots. Our company was offered a place in the Melbourne Climate Network (MCN),and now represents industry interests and incentives in the green transition. Part of our long-term commitment to the MCN is creating a sustainable transition strategy for the city. We received sponsorship from the Victorian Government to participate in the International Mining and Resources Conference(IMARC) expo. Last but not least, our CEO became a mentor on Terra.do!


We are proud to announce that we have completed season two of our TV show, The Green Economy! In season two, we were able to interview Maersk and some fellow members of the Climate Salad network including Bardee, and Powerlake . Terran received features in Future Now, Design Conformity, and Briink. We also had the pleasure of moderating a panel on the future of sustainability in manufacturing hosted by the Victorian Cleantech Cluster.

We hope to continue growing this upcoming year, with our eyes set on expanding into another continent. Our focus will turn to the scalability of our company and solutions, and we will be creating a streamlined proposal to register our proprietary sustainability framework as a global standard. Partnering with League of Companies, we are also planning to host a series of ESG and sustainability webinars to share our expertise and give a sneak peek at our climate tech solution library.

Thanks for sticking with us! You can learn more about Terran Industries on our LinkedIn or sign up for our newsletter. As our CEO would say, “That’s all for today. Onward & upwards for the benefit of the planet!”

-      By Kate Rocchio, Chief Impact Officer at Terran Industries

Cover Photo by Ojārs Balceraitis on Unsplash

May 10, 2024

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