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Meet the 2023 Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship Cohort

Meet the inaugural Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship Cohort
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Climate Salad supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Why our climate tech community is supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Welcome to Alison Bird, our new program manager

Climate Salad welcomes our new program manager, Alison Bird.

We have an Events Manager and his name is Christian!

As we grow and offer more in-person and online events, we now have an Events Manager, Christian

Cleaning waterways and creating circular solutions

Sustainable Oil Recovery and Remediation (SORR) is a company dedicated to the removal of dangerous hydrocarbons phosphates heavy metal and PFAS from the environment.

Improving the sustainability of homes, that's hot!

Top Property is an online marketplace platform dedicated to energy and water efficiency, to improve the sustainability of our homes.

Charcoal bricks of gold!

From woody wastes, we produce a charcoal briquette that replaces coal in steelmaking, a clean burning gas and a liquid biostimulant for agriculture.

Understanding finance for startups with KPMG High Growth Ventures

If you don't have a finance background, it can be hard to understand what your finance function should look like as your startup grows.

R&D tax, grants and opportunities with KPMG

Government grants and tax incentives are a valuable source of non-dilutive funding for founders, particularly as capital markets have tightened.