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Meet the Climate Tech company using data and automation to help residential property with sustainability: ValAi

ValAi is building the tools the industry needs today so they can meet the sustainable finance demands of society tomorrow.
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The Inaugural Climate Tech Showcase and Awards 2021

The inaugural Australian and New Zealand Climate Tech Showcase Awards 2021 are here.

Author and Climate Activist, Sarah Wilson joins us for the Climate Tech Showcase

Bestselling author, climate activist and minimalist, Sarah Wilson will be joining us to speak about 'why addressing the climate crisis is so important'.

Revolutionising how Australians engage with dormant goods

Meet the climate tech company revolutionising how Australians engage with dormant goods; World's Biggest Garage Sale.

Going Global with John Wood

If you'd like to take your company global, this is the fireside chat and deep-dive Q&A you do not want to miss. John Wood shares his insights into going global and answering your burning questions.

The 2021 Climate Tech Showcase

You're invited to the inaugural Climate Tech Showcase.

Sorry, you canÔÇÖt tackle the climate crisis by reducing carbon emissions alone

Whether it is global, inter-generational, or racial, you cannot talk about climate change without talking about inequality.

Goterra Company Profile

Waste management technology that delivers on a circular economy

AUSTRALIAÔÇÖS CARBON TARGETS, Are we dinosaurs or winners?

Every Australian State and Territory has announced a 2050 net zero carbon emissions target but what about the Federal Government - are we Dinosaurs or Winners in this?