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Sustainability made simple, impactful, profitable

GreenKPI is a leading edge B2B SaaS sustainability management solution for companies who have identified the advantages and risk mitigation of integrating sustainability with company operations.
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Bonjour Paris! Australian Climate Tech in the EU

Climate Salad and 12 Australian Climate Tech Companies showcased their solutions to the EU during an international trade mission to Paris

Geoneon is transforming geospatial data to protect people and planet

Roxane Bandini-Maeder's climate solution bridges the gap between environmental data and reporting

Kite Magnetics and Swinburne AIR Hub Unveil Ultra-High Efficiency Propeller for Electric Aircraft

Kite Magnetics, in collaboration with Swinburne University of TechnologyÔÇÖs Aerostructures Innovation Research (AIR) Hub, has developed an ultra-high-efficiency propeller designed specifically for electric aircraft, promising significantly enhanced flight performance. The high-efficiency, low-noise propeller is a result of advanced computer simulations that will lead to improved propeller efficiency of up to 92%.

2024 WA Climate Tech Investor Connect

We were excited to meet with investors in Perth!

The Benefits Of Staring Out The Window

Inspiration for disconnecting to reconnect: there's something about staring out the window...

Australian Women in Climate Tech? Count Her In.

Regardless of next yearÔÇÖs International WomenÔÇÖs Day theme, we know that this message will need to be repeated.

Go West! Highlights of the 2024 WA Climate Tech Meetup

Climate Salad took a trip to Perth in Feb 2024, connecting with some wonderful WA-based folks in the climate tech space.

What is a 'Climate Job'?

What does the term 'climate job' actually mean?