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If you work for a climate tech company, are a climate scientist, growth expert, investor or just passionate about the climate tech space, we'd love to have you as a part of our community.

Why Join Climate Salad?

  1. Be a part of a community of 100’s of climate tech co-founders, team members, mentors, scientists, advocates and investors.
  2. Get invited to private events
  3. Get included on the private newsletter
  4. Get your content into posts, video, and social media.
  5. Add yourself and your company to the directories of climate tech companies, investors or ecosystem supporters and mentors.
  6. Global connectors in climate tech and customer growth to New Energy Nexus, Climate Tech VC and My Climate Journey.

Extra Value For Founders of Australian Climate Tech Companies

Note: This is subject to review by our team to ensure you are a fit

  1. Join a private slack workplace just for climate tech co-founders.
  2. Share your journey and learn from other co-founders.
  3. Each co-founder gets a pod with 5-7 other co-founders to treat as a closer cohort and occasional catch ups
  4. Specific channels on growth (getting customers), talent (hiring team) and capital (raising money) with experienced mentors supporting each area.
  5. Global connectors in climate tech and customer growth
  6. Daily news and content from around the world from experts, climate scientists and investors.
  7. Don't worry, the investors aren't in the private co-founder groups.
  8. Access to co-founder only private workshops, events and content.

What's the Catch?

Climate Salad will cost $100 a year per member (per person) plus GST. The aim of the fee is to cover our costs (community managers, software) and also to ensure we have committed people here.

If you are keen, the first step is to read the community charter and make sure you can operate by it.

Climate Salad Community Charter


Once you've read and are completely happy with the charter (it's serious, please go read it) you can fill out these short forms. We will review them to ensure you're a great fit for our community and then get in touch with you for next steps.

If you have any other ideas, thoughts or feedback, please reach out to us here:

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