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Why Climate Tech Investments Are Mostly Meaningless

WHY CLIMATE TECH INVESTMENTS ARE MOSTLY MEANINGLESS Optimization for financial returns is uncorrelated to generating climate benefits

COP26 Insights, Governments will not lead on Climate response

Our resident Climate Scientist, Michael Molitor shares his key takeaways from COP26, and what hope we have for the future of our planet.

AUSTRALIA’S CARBON TARGETS, Are we dinosaurs or winners?

Every Australian State and Territory has announced a 2050 net zero carbon emissions target but what about the Federal Government - are we Dinosaurs or Winners in this?

Climate Tech Funding and the 2032 Brisbane Olympics Marathon

$16 billion invested into climate tech over the first half of 2021 sounds impressive but is it enough?

What about a climate fund with zero financial returns for investors?

This is a proposal to create a climate fund which only returns the value of a stable climate system to its investors instead of any financial return.

Thoughts On IPCC Report 6

What it means and what is missing

(Video) AMA With Climate Scientist Michael Molitor

Ask me anything with climate scientist Michael Molitor


IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Working Group I, Summary for Policy-Makers: THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS

IPCC Sixth Assessment, Working Group I, THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS, Summary for Policy-makers, August 2021

Carbon Pulse News Service

News and intelligence on carbon markets, greenhouse gas pricing, and climate policy

Report: Rethinking Climate Change Report from RethinkX

Key takeaways

Silicon Valley Bank Climate Tech Report 2021

Report and higlights