Big thanks to Michael and the audience for a really interesting chat about climate science and climate tech.

You can watch the chat here;


Veteran climate scientist Michael Molitor answers some questions around climate change and how technology can provide solutions.

Michael on Linkedin

Questions and Comments:

12:40:25 From Chad Renando  : How do we build a specific ecosystem for climate tech companies?

12:56:12 From Ben Reid : Great point - how do we fund the growth, sales and marketing talent for things that already exist.

12:59:41 From Megan Fisher - EnergyLab : Whats the best role you have seen government play in other countries - where is our best opportunity in Australia?

13:00:31 From Kathy Hoyt : Michael, how do you think nationally bounded innovation and collaboration versus between countries. What is Australia the natural owner of?

13:05:48 From Ben Reid : My sense is we are over-indexed on carbon accounting and under-indexed on solutions to help change people’s relationship and mindset towards the environment which starts with their connection to nature. What’s your thoughts on this topic Michael? (Would ask myself but beach noise is loud - nature interfering with my Zoom calls!)

13:09:31 From Ben Reid : Great point - Aussie as the sustainability MVP country!

13:12:00 From Ben Reid : Australia should just buy Tesla ;-) … only half our GDP!

13:15:58 From Ben Reid : We do OK for sunshine to help with that too :)

13:22:03 From Megan Fisher - EnergyLab : I need your book - can’t wait.

13:25:04 From Krista : This has been so inspiring - thank you Mick and MIchael -

13:25:14 From Ben Reid : Thanks so much for this Michael and Mick - super thought provoking

13:25:16 From Patrick Brothers : Thanks Michael and Mick

13:25:18 From Kathy Hoyt : Thanks Michael, fantastic!  I’m so grateful you are working and thinking about this in such a broad and deep way

13:25:27 From Sacha Schmitz : Thanks both, great session!


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Zoom webinar AMA with Michael has 30 years of experience in deep study, research, application, advisory, implementation and action.

  • Tuesday July 27
  • 12.30pm AEST

From Michael:

"Climate change is redefining every challenge we face from small communities to nation-states. It represents the largest market failure in history as large amounts of capital continue to finance high carbon-emitting activities. Climate change is now a capital markets’ activation challenge above all else. Reforming capital markets to properly identify and price all climate change-related risks is the most urgent task we now face."

Ask Michael all the hard questions.

Michael On Linkedin


A quick glimpse into his pace, energy and depth:

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Jul 19, 2021

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