Soter aims to be the world's most sustainable supermarket. 

We offer great produce and products that don’t cost the Earth. All our products can be reused, recycled or reseeded. This means that every member is plastic free as soon as they start to purchase with us. Members order their shop online with an amazing UX webapp, with great fresh produce and a full basket available with all the favourite single-use plastic free solutions and all the best environmental options. 

We deliver at a time convenient to our members.  We drop the food and at the same time, pick up all the empty containers. These containers are either glass jars we have previously provided or any containers we have previously sold, such as Zero or Dirt, which we return to our partners to reuse. 

This means, all our members are single use plastic free as soon as they start to shop with us. It means that all the ‚Äėlast mile‚Äô logistics are emissionless as we use electric vehicles to transport, with a view to expand emissionless through the supply chain, and it means less food waste through our improved data collection points.

Members come to us to save the planet and stay for the member experience.

Who are your Customers? 

Target member base is environmentally conscious time poor professionals, families and individuals. Soter is a premium member based community solution. Starting in Eastern suburbs and expanding rapidly to all Sydney. We are aiming for 2,000 members by 6months and 8,000 members by the end of year 1.


Logistics - this is more difficult than incumbents, but solvable with technology and communications. The two sided drop off and pickup mean each order needs the member ready to meet the driver to receive goods and hand over empties. Empties need to be transported, cleaner and sent for packaging. This is an additional process to existing supply chains.  

Competition - this is a competitive landscape. However, the market is huge. Everybody eats food. Our goal is to be THE brand associated with saving the planet. Doing all the hard work to make our members' lives easier and saving the planet at the same time. Incumbents are moving towards a solution, but moving slowly and have the damaged reputation legacy of slow to act. 

Cost - this is more capital intensive than other industries - SAAS / Web3. However, our data points will mean that we are the most capital efficient in industry. Better consumer habits and activities mean leaner stock, less waste and better ROCE. This can be recaptured through a subscription based model - “Sustainability as a Service".

Co-Founder, Andy Coley

We have 5 unique selling points to make us stand out;

  • Data. Our increased data points mean we have a more accurate knowledge of member purchasing habits. This enables enhanced data based purchasing decisions on member needs. So our members never run out of milk again.¬†
  • ‚ÄćSustainability as a Service. Soter has sustainability at the core of its business. This means members are shown their Sustainability Score for each shop they do. Each product is graded on a ‚Äúsource to sale‚ÄĚ scoring system based on a sustainable criteria. Plastic savings are also measured and celebrated.¬†
  • Member Experience. Best quality products at a time convenient to our members. Providing a pantry to show to any visitors that are coming to your house. Offering a 10x experience from what they are currently receiving.¬†
  • Community. Soter is community based. It supports local businesses and will establish a community based approach to all its business operations. Ensuring that our food and products bring people together creating a better place to live.¬†‚Äć
  • Branding. Bold, creative and accessible. Sustainability isn‚Äôt and shouldn‚Äôt be niche. We are bringing it mainstream. Simple branding that people love and want.
Co-founder, Will Pavey

Report Card

Team: Passionate and complementary skill sets. Skilled in project delivery and branding. Ready to run through brick walls.  

Product: member focussed product. Incredible roadmap to create an amazing member experience whilst saving the planet. 

Market: Expanding. members demand sustainability across all products and through supply chains. 

Momentum: Building. MVP built. Pilot complete and successful. Building member waitlist to get to 2000 members

Impact: Massive. Remove plastic from Australia. Emissions from the food supply chain. 

Summary: To be the world's most sustainable supermarket. We provide quality products that don’t cost the earth. 

We source the most sustainable products and deliver them in the most sustainable way. 

Soters 3 objectives are:

  1. No plastic. Through our zero plastic solutions
  2. No emissions. Emissionless supply chain and fulfillment
  3. No waste. Through our data solutions

We will win through our 5 strategic pillars

  1. Data - higher quality and more data points to provide member and Soter with improved purchasing and stock decisions
  2. Sustainability as a Service - providing members with information such as the sustainability scoring
  3. Member experience - 10x better than any other supermarket
  4. Branding - we care, we learn and we act.  We are not afraid to shout about it. 
  5. Community - build a community about wanting the leave this Earth better than we found it


Product stage: Seed

Founder: Andy Coley & Will Pavey

Capital raising: $0.75m 

Company mission: To be the world's most sustainable supermarket 

The team's motivation and drive is based on frustration of inaction and desire to build a better world to live in. Check out Soter Market.

Oct 18, 2022

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