We are a match-making platform which helps businesses, organisations and communities reduce their environmental footprint through supply chain facilitation and management, helping them set up new products, services and technology solutions within their operations.


Customer Focus

We are B2B focusing on two primary target markets.

1.    Heavy Industry / International Trade.
We are reaching them through our collaboration with the Australian Trade & Logistics Corporation, and their media platform Import Export TV (the media partner of the International Trade Centre), on which we are hosting our own show ‚ÄúThe Green Economy‚ÄĚ showcasing some of our suppliers to the industry.

2.    Mid-high tier corporate with minimum turnover of$20mi+.
We are positioning ourselves with strategic networks of companies within this tier, allowing us easy access to a range of potential clients.

Our services can be hosted remotely, as such as can service the entire country. And with our partnership with Import Export TV, we can reach trade & freight companies across the globe.  


Our biggest challenge will be customer acquisition. Sales is not currently our strength.


Our biggest point of difference is our range of services. While our competitors may offer one or other of our service lines, we can offer a client the whole solution. Saving them the time and hassle of multiple contractors.

Our greatest highlight comes from our collaboration with Import Export TV.  Through our dedicated TV show on their international platform, we can reach a wider market base within our target market.  Import Export TV regularly reaches 15,000+ viewers each week, of which over 90% are viewing to see the latest trends in the industry.


Report Card

Team: Team of 6 dedicated professionals, each with complimentary skill sets.

Product: A match-making platform designed to match businesses with the sustainable solutions that best meet their specific needs.

Market: Serviceable Obtainable Market of $570B  

Momentum: First 10 clients in the pipeline.

Impact: Creating sustainable supply chains


From The Founders 

Company Name: TerranIndustries https://terranindustries.com.au/

Themes: B2B, SupplyChain, Sustainability

Summary: Reversing climate change by creating sustainable supply chains

Product stage: Beta

Founder: Evannah Jayne

Capital raising: Open raise

Company mission: To accelerate the transition to a Green Economy  

Why the team wants to solve this problem: Because we want a planet to live on.



Cover Photo by Erlend Ekseth on Unsplash

Jul 6, 2022

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