Bardee diverts food waste from landfill, transforming it into a high quality protein for pet food and animal feed, and certified organic fertiliser. Bardee’s vertical farming system is the largest insect breeding facility in Australia, uses no additional water and every tonne of food waste processed creates 1,900kg of carbon offset.

Customer Focus: As a circular system, Bardee has four primary customer groups that all work interdependently to create value.

Food Waste: B2B. Property Managers, factories and growers who pay Bardee to accept their organic food waste streams‍

Fertiliser: B2B & B2B2C & B2C. Bardee’s Superfly fertiliser is Australian organic certified and is sold to distributors, retailers and consumers, for horticulture, viticulture, gardening, lawns & turf, hydroponics and broadacre applications.

Protein: B2B & B2B2C. Bardee protein is sold as an ingredient for animal feed and has applications in pet food, aquaculture, poultry feed, and pig feed.

Carbon credits: B2B. Bardee’s facility produces carbon credits and sells them to large Australian businesses to offset their carbon consumption.


Bardee is building something that hasn’t existed before, and pushing the biology of the Black Soldier Fly to create an elite version of a natural system. Our vertical farming system has halved the time to harvestability that has been achieved anywhere else in the world with these insects, but we need to make sure our learning loop is fast, and our problem-solving is practical and creative, to maintain the highest standard of quality in our products at scale.


In just 24 months, Bardee has:

  • Opened a 2,500sqm pilot facility capable of processing 3,000 tonnes of food waste per year.
  • Built a diverse, strong, and high-performing team of STEM & operations talent - 30 'Superflies' and growing!
  • Designed a circular process at Moonbase facility that offsets 50 tonnes of carbon emissions per day.

‍Report Card:

Team: We've built a world-leading team of entomologists, technicians, operators, and leaders driven to create the circular economy the world needs. We're insect-obsessed, solutions-focused, big picture thinkers who thrive on constantly innovating.

Product: Bardee’s HACCP certified protein, and certified organic fertiliser are market-ready and being used to create carbon-positive pet food, reduce deforestation in the amazon and overfishing in our oceans by replacing things like fishmeal and soy in animal diets.  

Market: Bardee’s fertiliser is a probiotic superfood for plants and is being used in horticulture, viticulture, hemp, gardening, turf. Our protein is a hypoallergenic, tasty and nutritionally beneficial ingredient for pig, poultry and fish feed, as well as carbon positive pet food.

Momentum: At our pilot facility, Moonbase, we process 10 tonnes of food waste every 8 hours and transform it into all-natural protein, oil, and organic fertilisers that offset 19 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Impact: To date, Bardee has create 1,824,000kg of CO2 offset.

From The Founders

Company Name:  Bardee

Themes: #Foodwaste #circulareconomy #insectprotein #organicfertiliser

Summary: Bardee diverts food waste from landfill, transforming it into a high quality protein for pet food and animal feed, and certified organic fertiliser.

Product stage: Early commercialisation

Founder: Phoebe Gardner & Alex Arnold

Capital raising: Seed

Company mission: Bardee's mission is to reshape the global food system, processing food waste in 10,000 cities

Why the team wants to solve this problem:

Food production must double by 2050 and our current agricultural systems cannot sustainably scale to meet this demand. Today, 1/3 of food is wasted. It ends up in a landfill, where it rots and produces methane (a potent greenhouse gas). We're building a sustainable future we'll be proud to hand on to future generations.

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Cover photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Mar 23, 2022

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