A play on the Dutch word for 'hope' and the fact that life throws us all hoops we have to jump through


Hoopsy is on a mission to reduce single use from plastic pregnancy tests, our first product is the Eco Pregnancy test made from 99% paper. In in the USA each year alone, around 20,000,000 tests go into landfill which is about 200,000kgs of plastic.


Customer Focus

Our end user is women aged 25-40 who are trying to be or not be pregnant!  We will reach our customers by selling direct to consumer on our website and through retail stores both physical and online.  We will launch in the UK as the device has approval there in July 2022, followed by Australia once we have TGA approval.



Hoopsy will face challenges in terms of designing version 2 of the device that is more environmentally sustainable and hopefully with IP on it.  The next challenge is medical approvals in each market.  Finally the challenge is the competitors, there are 2 main competitors established globally in the market who could also produce a similar product, therefore we need to establish a brand presence quickly.



Hoopsy has developed a midstream pregnancy test made from 99% paper that will be the most environmentally friendly option (that we know of) in the global market.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Report Card

Team: Founded by Lara Solomon, experienced entrepreneur based on her personal experience and passion for reducing plastic

Product: The Eco pregnancy test made from 99% paper

Market: Launching into the UK market followed by Australia

Momentum: Currently undergoing an equity crowdfunding round which is getting the product noticed.

Impact: Reducing the amount of single use plastic in landfill


From the Founders

I am really excited to be launching Hoopsy, it is an easy swap for women to use a paper midstream test with the same accuracy as the plastic ones and is much better for the environment.  What I love about the product is that for every one we sell we know that is one less plastic test going into landfill!

Company Name: Hoopsy https://hoopsy.co

Themes: #fertilityjourney #consumer #singleuseplastic

Summary: Hoopsy is reducing single use plastic in landfills starting with the Eco Pregnancy Test

Product stage: Pre launch - launching in July 2022

Founder: Lara Solomon

Capital raising: Yes currently raising $500k via equity crowdfunding

Company mission: To create more sustainable healthcare solutions to leave the world a better place for our children

Why the team wants to solve this problem:

I swim in the ocean every day, see all the plastic floating and the fish that have been affected by it and want to do something.  A pregnancy test is something that is used by millions of women globally and to swap to an eco one with no impact on accuracy or use to me makes it a no brainer, and something that is easy for women to do and yet has a massive impact on the environment - in the USA each year around 20,000,000 tests go into landfill which is about 200,000kgs of plastic.


Cover Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

May 23, 2022

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