Australia's innovative climate tech network, Climate Salad, is proud to present its inaugural Climate Tech Festival and second annual Climate Tech Awards. Join us for an immersive afternoon packed with industry highlights, insights, workshops, showcases, demonstrations, and connections.

This is not a conference, it is an interactive festival - more like a salad mix! celebrating the incredible Australian innovations working to solve the biggest challenge of our time.

If you’re a: 

  • Climate tech founder and team member
  • Climate specialist - researcher, sustainability leader, policy developer
  • Angel, seed, venture or corporate investor
  • Someone interested in working in climate tech 
  • Mentor, investor, supporter or someone curious about this emerging sector 
  • Industry supporter - accountant, lawyer, recruiter, marketer
  • Student (FYI please contact us for a discount code)

… then this Festival is absolutely for you. You’ll find out why Climate Tech is the hottest sector in the startup world and why investment is flowing 5x faster than any other industry. You’ll be inspired. You’ll learn. You’ll connect. You’ll eat some great food and enjoy a drink and chat with some awesome like minded people.


When: Wednesday, 7th December 2022 - grab your tickets here.


Held at the iconic Australian National Maritime Museum, this unconference festival will have talks, pitches, speed networking, audience talks and hands on demonstrations.


  • Wednesday December 7th, 2022
  • 12.30pm - 5.30pm  -> Climate Tech Festival
  • 5.30pm - 8.00pm -> Climate Tech Awards

Who is the Climate Tech Festival for:

  • Climate tech founders and team members
  • Climate specialists - researchers, sustainability leaders, policy developers
  • Angel, seed, venture and corporate investors
  • People who want to work in climate tech
  • Mentors, investors, supporters and those curious about this emerging sector
  • Industry supporters - accountants, lawyers, recruiters, marketers
  • Students - please contact us for a discount code


  • Find out why climate tech is the hottest and most important sector in the startup world
  • See that investment in climate tech is flowing 5x faster than any other industry
  • Explore the innovative ways these founders are solving the biggest challenge of our time.  

What's on offer:

  1. 50+ climate tech companies - meet the teams, see the products, hear the pitches
  2. Connect with 500+ climate tech industry leaders - choose from 10+ talks, be a part of 1,000's of connections and hear the latest climate tech insights
  3. Unconference - pick your favourite topic and share it to the crowd (Yes, you!)
  4. Grab a coffee, then a  drink, some food and meet amazing people from the climate tech world

Discover and meet the founders building great Climate Tech with pitches and a demo room so you can see some of these products and solutions in action.

Key Themes:

  • Growth
  • Measurement
  • Decarbonisation and Sequestration
  • Jobs
  • Investment
  • Action

Award Categories:

  1. Climate Tech Investor Award 2022
  2. Climate Tech Mentor Award 2022
  3. Outstanding Community Contribution Award 2022
  4. Woman in Climate Tech Award 2022
  5. Climate Tech Newcomer Award
  6. Climate Tech Impact Award 2022



A huge thanks to our partners for making this possible.

If you'd like to partner with us, please get in touch.


Tickets Available Here.

Early Bird (Limited Availability):

All Day - $150

Members - $120



All Day: $180

Awards Only: $120

We also offer 50% off for students


Sep 14, 2022

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