A.BCH - What we do

A.BCH is a circular fashion label that exists to transform the way people buy, wear and discard clothing.

We do this is three parts:

Birth - we only work with traceable, innovative, biological materials in order to create 100% circular designed products + build them to last

Life - we stand by our clothes offering a suite of ‚ÄėAfter Purchase Care‚Äô including free repairs for life + tools, resources and education to keep clothes in use for longer

Afterlife - All our clothes are designed for safe degradation or composting at home, but we also know how to recycle them best so our customers can close the loop by sending their clothes back for another round of Life, or to be fibre-to-fibre recycled into future A.BCH pieces

Through our unique point of view on seasonality, production volumes and marketing alongside a devotion to industry education and customer empowerment, A.BCH is leading the charge in demonstrating an entirely reimagined future for fashion.

Customer Focus

Our target customers come from all walks of life and are either a) on a deep and thorough sustainability journey and b) just getting started on their sustainability journey or c) somewhere in between. Each has a sense of timeless style and an eye for quality and product longevity. Our current reach is direct to the customer, though this year we’re expanding into our first strategic retail partnerships.


New customer acquisition, Ad competition and social media doom.


We are leading the way in proving how fashion products can be designed for the circular economy.

Report Card

Team: Six team members, all legends.

Product: Clothing made right.

Market: Smart, conscious folks who love quality.

Momentum: Up and Down tbh.

Impact: Big impact for the future of fashion!


From the Founders

Company name: A.BCH

Themes: Circular economy/waste, Business to consumer, Nature

Product stage: Traction

Company mission: Our mission is to prove that an equitable circular economy is possible for clothing and in fact, is an imperative in order to sustain people and planet for future generations.


Mar 31, 2022

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