Change Foods is an animal-free dairy company that uses advanced food technologies to create cheese and other dairy products that taste, look and function like their animal counterparts but have none of the ethical issues and only a fraction of the environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. We (re)create real dairy foods that delight the taste buds, nourish people and sustain the planet, by using the magic of microbes instead of animals.

Customer Focus

We are targeting dairy loving consumers seeking a better alternative to traditional dairy products and manufacturing businesses seeking non-animal dairy ingredients. Our priority markets are the US and Asia-Pacific including Australia.


Apart from perfecting our technology which is constantly evolving as we learn more about using precision fermentation to produce dairy compounds, our key challenge is building sufficient production capacity required to create animal-free dairy products at an enormous scale.


Change Foods has developed a unique approach to producing the necessary dairy compounds that will allow it to reach scale quickly and drive down its costs to make its products competitive or cheaper than traditional dairy.

Report Card

Team:  We have assembled a unique team of deeply experienced scientists and passionate food experts dedicated to helping us achieve our mission to deliver delicious sustainable dairy products.

Product: The cheese made using our non-animal products will be indistinguishable from traditional dairy .

Market: The market for non-animal dairy products that taste and look great is enormous

Momentum: We have recently closed the largest seed-round in our industry and are building momentum

Impact: Our cheese uses 10x less water, 100x less land, 5x less energy and 25x less feedstock. Its better for animals and better for the environment.

From the Founders

Company name: Change Foods (

Themes: #sustainablefoods #non-animal #futurefoods #agtech

Summary: Change Foods is an Australia/US food technology company dedicated to making non-animal cheese and other dairy products that not only taste and look fantastic they have a fraction of the environmental impact of traditional dairy. Change Foods has closed a global record seed round and is currently working to scale its production to enable it to deliver non-animal cheese to consumers all over the world.  

Product stage: Scaling-up

Founder: David Bucca and Junior Te'o

Capital raising: $15M USD

Company mission: To create a thriving, sustainable food ecosystem that is kind to animals and the planet.  

Why the team wants to solve this problem: Because the traditional large-scale industrial food system is broken and unsustainable. The impact on the environment and animals is too great.


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Apr 13, 2022

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