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The Great Carbon Opportunity ‚ÄĒ Part 1: pricing and measuring climate and environment

It has been our long held thesis that we are in the early stages of a decade long shift where ‚Äėexternalities‚Äô are priced into financial and corporate decision making. The rapid development of the carbon and climate markets are the next exciting evolution of this theme. from

Climate Salad - Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow, Happy IWD

Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow is this year's theme for International Women's Day and we know that what we do in startups shapes our future.

Climate Salad - Village Energy, using AI to increase renewable energy

Village Energy helps utilities improve profitability by optimising the grid edge

Climate Salad - A rocky road to net-zero for energy

There’s an under-appreciated but crucial component of the consumer energy ecosystem that needs attention before it can progress to a net-zero future.

Experts say the net zero concept is often used to delay taking action against emissions

There's a growing consensus on the urgent need to bring down carbon emissions, and the global rallying cry is net zero. This isn't just a climate target, it's become a badge of commitment. There's also a realisation that it won't be easy. from

Climate Salad - Office of Planetary Observations Makes Urban Greening Easier

Providing environmental insights from satellite in near real-time for the greening of our cities. OPO's mission is to create a healthy ecosystem for all living things using environmental satellite data.

Climate Salad - Carbon Sync fosters farmers' carbon farming

Carbon Sync helps farmers develop carbon farming systems and sells these carbon credits to businesses.

Climate Salad - GreenKPI's software for business drives change with action

GreenKPI is the sustainability software driving change with hundreds of sustainability actions on environmental and social impact. Act on and measure your impacts on Energy, Water, Waste and Materials

Trigger warning: five ways to buy time for net zero and prepare for net negative

What if there’s more to net zero than simply turning off the tap? from