Charopy solves the problem with out-of-home recycling bin contents going to landfill due to contamination. Charopy technology solves contamination by only allowing the correct items to go into designated recycling bins, thereby ensuring a lean stream of recyclable material at initial point of collection.

Customer Focus

Customers for Charopy can be corporate or government, but we do not sell to home consumers. Primary focus to date has been shopping centre food courts as by retrofitting Charopy technology to existing bins any shopping can turn sham recycling bins that go into the general waste stream into genuine recycling bins free from contamination. We are also getting more interest in solving contamination in public area street recycling bins managed by local councils.But really, and corporate or government body managing a fleet of bins and experiencing problems with contamination recycling bin contents is a potential customer for Charopy we we solve a problem when signage alone cannot solve the problem.


Finding more corporates and more local govts looking for innovative approaches to improving recycling outcomes


If signage and education could ensure the public put the correct thing in the correct bin then businesses would not need Charopy. We are different as we bring a technology solution for when signage and education fail to deliver sufficient compliance and existing bin infrastructure is delivering poor recycling outcomes

Report Card

Team: Combination of business, software, hardware, design and electronics.

Product: smart bin panel that is retrofitted to existing recycling bins

Market: all out of home public area recycling bins

Momentum: Now selling beyond Australia

Impact: Want to make a real dent in recycling bin contents ending up in landfill

From the Founders

Company name:

Themes: IoT, recycling, sustainability


Product stage: Growth

Founder: Martin Collings

Capital raising: Not actively

Company mission: Restore public faith in recycling by eliminating sham recycling bins

Apr 13, 2022

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