BOOM grew out of energy consultancy firm Energy for the People, established in 2012. The BOOM software provides the support you need to make energy simple.

Since 2012, people like you have worked with the BOOM team to assess and deliver over $100 million of solar, battery and energy efficiency projects, ranging from standard rooftop solar to innovative models for small-scale solar farms.

The BOOMPower team's most important work (to date) has being supporting and guiding delivery of over 4,000 kW of solar installed on social housing properties - ensuring some of society's most vulnerable benefit from rooftop solar. People just like you are already using BOOM to make decisions, purchase, monitor, measure and verify solar, lighting, heating, cooling, battery storage and hot water upgrades - helping to bring power bills under control for those who need it most.

From The Founders:
Company: BOOMPower
Themes: Energy,Transport,Business to business,Reduce emissions,Impact
Summary: BOOMPower makes it easy to understand, buy, and verify solar, storage and energy efficiency upgrades.
Country: Australia
Founders: Alex Houlston, Tosh Szatow, Dr. David Perry
Product stage: Traction
URL: https://www.boompower.com.au/

Company Mission:
Our vision is to accelerate global adoption of solar and clean energy products and solutions, by creating software which simplifies decision-making and builds trust.

Much of the technology we need to address climate change in the built environment, like solar and energy efficiency, is readily available but not being deployed quickly enough. We believe countless opportunities to save on energy costs and reduce emissions are overlooked, because the necessary expert knowledge is not available widely enough, or easily accessible. 

By building technology that makes this knowledge accessible to a wider audience, we can accelerate decision making, deployment and drive the new energy market forward.

Photo by Nuno Marques on Unsplash

Mar 10, 2022

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