We are a carbon farming project developer. We support farmers to manage the farm ecosystem to store carbon in soil. We measure the carbon and create carbon credits which are sold to polluters seeking to reduce the climate impact of their business operations.

Customer Focus

Our customers are farmers in the South West Agricultural Land Division of Western Australia and any Government or business that wishes to reduce the climate impact of their operations.


Social and cultural challenges associated with transformational change in agriculture.


We co-invest with our customers and we stay with them for the entire 25 year duration of a carbon farming project. We are experts in supporting farmers in changing agricultural management practices.

Report Card

Team: World class, deep experience

Product: Proven product with strong demand

Market: Global trillion dollar market (Carbon Credits)

Impact: Enormous economic, social and environmental co-benefits

From the Founders

Company name: Carbon Sync www.carbonsync.com.au

Themes: Carbon Credits, Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, Regenerative Agriculture

Summary: Soil Carbon Farming Project Developer

Product stage: Go to market

Founder: Louise Edmonds

Capital raising: Currently raising $12.5 million

Company mission: To restore the ecosystems of the agricultural estate of Western Australia

Why the team wants to solve this problem: Because we must.

What other climate tech companies we admire (optional): Regrow Ag (AU/US), Climate Farmers (UK), Regen Network (US)

Cover Photo by Richard Bell on Unsplash

Apr 13, 2022

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