To shift the needle on the climate crisis, we need to reimagine and rebuild our world in a more sustainable way. This transformation requires an evolving workforce, leading to the emergence of 'climate jobs'. But what does this term actually mean?

A 'climate job' refers to a position that contributes to mitigating or adapting to the impacts of climate change. Until recently, hearing the term ‘climate job’ probably made you think of a scientist reporting on the impacts of climate change or perhaps a solar engineer. These days, a climate job ranges from roles in renewable energy, to sustainability consultants who help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. It also encompasses roles in policy, advocacy, and research related to climate change, and the infrastructure supporting a shift in the way we do just about everything!

While these types of roles may have been the more common examples of climate jobs in the past, we’re now starting to see that almost any career path can contribute to climate solutions.

During the tech boom of the 90s, there was a shift from individuals specifically ‘working in tech’ to almost every job involving the use of some tech. We’re now witnessing a similar shift, as many of us begin to apply a climate lens to our work, and therefore have a ‘climate job’. From educators teaching the next generation about climate science, to architects designing energy-efficient buildings, to accountants managing the finances of green startups. Not to mention the customer service representatives, bookkeepers, lawyers, project managers, graphic designers, HR and marketing teams required to facilitate this transition. Every job has the potential to make a difference.

Excitingly, our data from the 2023 Australian Climate Tech Industry Report shows that there are already over 3,000 jobs in the climate tech sector alone in Australia and this number is expected to almost double in the next 12 months. 

The demand for climate jobs is growing rapidly as the world shifts towards a more sustainable future. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a new graduate, there are opportunities to contribute to the fight against climate change in virtually every field. Embracing the climate job sector is not just about securing a job. It's about joining a movement that seeks to create a better, more sustainable world for everyone.

Interested in how to get a climate job? Find out more here.

Check out our climate jobs board here.

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov

Jan 18, 2024

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