If the title The Inventors: The Climate Connection, makes you think of a little green frog serenading his friends, you’re not alone. However, unlike the famous muppet song this event was filled with climate tech researchers, founders, innovators and investors. 

In partnership with Uniseed and Sydney University Knowledge Hub this networking opportunity was all about connecting the climate tech ecosystem and learning more about the intersection between research, innovation, commercialisation, and scaling solutions for climate change.

Rupal Ismin of Sydney Knowledge Hub

The following Climate Tech companies, investors and supporters pitched to the crowded room at the Knowledge Hub. 

  • NetNada
  • UNSW
  • GreenCoat
  • Accelerating Commercialisation
  • Greenfluence
  • BOOMPower
  • Axon Energy
  • PlasmaLeap Technologies - 410800052
  • aim4impact.net
  • Good On You
  • FootprintLab
  • ReWild Projects
  • Dandelion
  • UNSW Founders
  • Incubate
  • Kuva Space
  • Green Dynamics
  • Greener Technologies
  • Investible
  • SwapUp
  • ARET

Huge thank you to Uniseed, the Sydney Knowledge Hub and Fable Foods for provided delicious climate friendly vegan burritos. As well as all the climate tech champions who braved the cold to come and connect. 

Uniseed is a unique commercialisation fund helping researchers from our partner research organisations turn their ideas into products and services. We support innovations that solve market problems and create a positive impact for our community. Uniseed invests over a broad range of technology sectors and has exited ten investments, to date.

Sydney Knowledge Hub is a coworking space for research-based organisations that collaborate with the University of Sydney.


Peter Devine, CEO of Uniseed

Kermit pic Photo by roderick Sia on Unsplash

Jun 23, 2022

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