We came, we conVerged and we took the US by a climate tech storm! 

The USA Cleantech Trade Mission in partnership with Investment NSW was a huge success.  In a conference of over 4,000 climate tech leaders, founders, investors, enthusiasts and climate curious punters THE AUSSIES made an impact! 


From the 17 climate tech companies in the cohort, we had everything from micro robots that clean the hulls of boats, through to circular fashion, maggot farms digesting waste, renewable energy grid solutions to streamlined ESG and impact reporting. The youngest member of the delegation was 24 and the oldest, 74. Joining us on this mission was mentor and climate tech investor Lisa Foderenko, and AWS startup partner Dan O'Brien lending a hand, moral support and encouragement every step along the way.

We knew the opportunity would be big in the land of bagels and bad coffee but the scale of that opportunity is not to be underestimated. Since the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act the demand, incentives and size of the climate tech and cleantech pathways to success in the US is gargantuan.

Huge thank you to the Climate Salad team and Investment NSW for supporting climate tech startups going global, especially Lasya Rao, super connector and supporter. As well as giant thank you to our incredible mentors who worked individually with each founder before the trip to ensure they hit the ground running - connecting to potential customers, investors and partners.

Incredibly grateful to our hosts and partners in the San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto for making it such a successful mission:

  • Danny Kennedy for the pep talk at our Welcome dinner
  • Dave Brown and the team at Austrade Landing Pad for hosting the investor panel and pitch night
  • Cooley for a lunch on expanding to the US
  • AWS¬†startups for hosting a mixer and climate pledge huddle
  • Beach Financial for hosting a dinner on setting up business is the US
  • Stanford Bits and Watts Energy Initiative for the talk and tour
  • Silicon Valley Bank for a lunch on the opportunity of scaling in the US
  • Cameron Briggs, of Future Energy at Origin for hosting our final talk and connecting us to the ecosystem


Last day of Verge Climate Tech Conference
The cohort visiting Stanford University

If you'd like learn more about Climate Salad's International Trade Missions, join us at Climate Tech Festival and Awards where the cohort will be sharing their learnings.

Nov 16, 2022

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