A really amazing and worthwhile post by Saul Griffith (www, LinkedIn) outlines what the US needs to do to electrify. Also see his video below.

Post: One Billion Machines by Saul Griffith

Key points:

  • It is critical to understand where the energy comes from and where it goes
  • To look at the interactive energy data, go here:¬†http://energyliteracy.com/
  • To electrify everything the US needs to replace over 1 billion machines
  • This includes supply side (oil wells)¬†and demand side (cars, hot water)¬†
  • Most small machines are in our home with 42% of emissions tied to household fuel choices
  • It should save households $2,500 per year if policy, tech and finance come together
  • The goal:¬†half the energy needed today and none of the emissions

The household machines we need in the next 20 years

  • 220 million road vehicles
  • 98 million space heaters
  • 117 million water heaters
  • 95 million stoves, ovens, etc.
  • 19 million gas and propane dryers (use clothes lines!)
  • 55 million rooftop solar installations
  • 30 million household batteries
  • 100 million breaker boxes
  • 220 million vehicle chargers

How many jobs it should create

  • 10 million new jobs

Call To Action

Here is a video of Saul explaining the key principles behind 1 billion machines: 

Images sourced from Saul's website here.

Jul 17, 2021

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