(Disclosure: The Climate Salad co-founders are small, seed investors in Cecil Earth)

Cecil is SaaS to help people manage the carbon on nature-based projects. Their customers are farmers, property developers and project developers.

I met Alex, the founder of Cecil Earth a few years back and was impressed by his combination of product execution and vision. He also had a passion for solving climate challenges, and when he first told me about the vision for Cecil I was glad he was pursuing a bold vision.  

Key Features

The product is less than a year old and the focus is working with early customers, so there is not much publicly to see other than the images on the website like this one;

It is super early for Cecil, but what excited me enough to invest was this passionate team, with a deep commitment to experimentation and learning, working on some of the important infrastructure for a sustainable world.


Cecil can and probably will face competition from a number of sources. The farm management software companies could add this as a module. Project management software could go after it. Sensor and monitoring companies could head in this direction. Carbon offsetting and management software... the list goes on. They'll need to 'build a moat' as they say to defend against these attackers.

There is also the problem of integration. Cecil is unlikely to exist in a silo (farm pun?) but will have to work with lots of other applications. Farm management, project development, accounting, carbon offsetting, etc.

Another big challenge is customers. They are focused on busy, non-digital customers and these can be difficult to move onto tech platforms.

Report Card

  1. Team: Committed, customer obsessed, strong culture and ways of working
  2. Product: The product is a real version 1.0 and already more useful than post-it notes and spreadsheets. Long road ahead.
  3. Market: This is a picks and shovels play but also key to help busy people deal with a big new responsibility/opportunity. Similar to accounting software, it's not sexy but it's needed by billions of dollars worth of natural-based projects each year.
  4. Momentum: Very early but passionate customers lining up out the door.
  5. Impact: Cecil doesn't directly remove COe emissions but it can indirectly have a huge impact. Potentially can remove/reduce 8.9 gigatons of carbon.

From The Founders

Company Name: Cecil Earth
Themes:  Remove emissions, Reduce emissions, Improve environment, Ag, Business
Summary: B2B SaaS simplifying nature-based solution (NBS) project management to drive carbon capture
Product stage: Launched
Founders: Alex Logan & Rory Oxenham
Capital raising: Angel

Company mission:

  • We exist to restore land ecosystems
  • Land use is responsible for 23% of global carbon emissions, releasing 8.9 Gigatons of C02e into the atmosphere every year
  • Nature-based carbon projects restore land ecosystems to offset the world‚Äôs emissions through the capture and storage of atmospheric carbon
  • We are a technology company building software to simplify the development, management and monitoring of nature-based projects

Why the team wants to solve this problem:‚Äć

To help anyone working to restore nature. We believe that enabling better collaboration between the people who care can reverse climate change and reinstate a healthy, living planet.


Jun 10, 2021

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