Gridcognition provides software tools for organisations to better manage large energy assets.

Energy assets are changing:

  • From huge (power stations)¬†to smaller (solar arrays)
  • From dumb (disconnected) to smart (connected and data driven), and
  • From centralised, top down, to decentralised, mesh networks.

To transition and exist in that new environment, energy asset companies need new tools and Gridcongition is providing them. The solution has three key functions:

  1. Design - create virtual instances of your energy assets to test options before making changes
  2. Implement - as projects get put in place, the virtual version is updated live so you can constantly monitor and prepare
  3. Optimise - automated monitoring on both technical and commercial performance allows for continuous adjustments

This outline from the founders gives a good overview of the company and a few glimpses of the product: 

Customer Focus

Key customer groups for Gridcognition are:

  • Energy providers - companies that provide power purchase agreements at scale
  • Large energy users - big industrial and commercial businesses
  • Energy technology solution providers - other tech companies helping energy asset managers transition
  • Project developers - site selection and technology use
  • Property businesses - supporting the integration of energy infrastructure
  • Consultants and advisors - those working with the energy asset companies


Gridcognition is stuck in the middle between giant organisations and super complex change as they highlight in this blog post. They help create value and navigate this dynamic space, but that's a tough space to be in. They may face competition from internal developments and bespoke solutions from big players like Accenture.

It's also hard to predict where all these large, interacting parts will end up landing. There will be change and there will be huge opportunities. Surviving all the change and timing the pursuit of the opportunities is the challenge.


  1. We need all Gridcognition to be right. Smaller, smarter, decentralised energy is a key to our sustainable future
  2. The big players need help from nimble 'startups'
  3. The manifesto is bold and clear

Report Card

  • Impact - it's indirect and a picks and shovel play, but critical. We need dozens of tools like this in all parts of the energy supply chain. See Saul's 1B machines for more info.
  • Team - the team seems committed to the long term and a good mix of technology developers.
  • Product - this is a harder one to see on the outside and we need a few more case studies before we pass judgement. The video above gives a sense of the work they are doing to combine power, data and value.
  • Market - the energy market has many players and if Gridcognition can get customers from multiple parts of the supply chain in big markets it can be a very big business.
  • Traction - the client and partner list looks good, though there is a lot of industry partners and Australian names, suggesting the push isn't global just yet.

From The Founders

Company: Gridcognition
Summary: Software to plan and optimise decentralised energy projects
Themes: Powering, Energy, EV, Grid
Product phase: Launched
Capital raising: Pre-seed

Company Mission: 

Our mission is to accelerate decarbonisation by providing confidence to the leaders investing in the future decentralised energy and transport system.

Why the team wants to solve this problem: 

Global wellhead/mine mouth value of fossil fuels is over $3.5 trillion per year, and must go to zero by 2050. We need to replace $tens-of-trillions worth of power and transport assets linked to fossil-fuel supply chains over the coming decade or two.

The replacement assets will be decarbonised, decentralised, digitised & democratised. Energy assets used to be only owned by only a few large players, but decentralisation is radically enlarging the number of players, and they need help.

Today, its too hard to plan and optimise multi-market, multi-site, multi-asset decentralised energy projects. These projects integrate energy markets, power networks, customer facilities, and highly flexible & steerable assets.

Our mission is to accelerate decarbonisation by providing confidence to the leaders investing in the future decentralised energy and transport system. We will achieve our mission with powerful new software to plan and optimise decentralised energy projects.

Read the Gridcognition Manifesto

Jul 18, 2021

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