Chris Beal, Founding CEO of NextOre, explores an integral sector of climate tech. Industry Report partner Nextore uses cutting-edge technology to make mining more precise, profitable and sustainable.


"Mining is not sustainable. For those who work in the mining industry, it is a reality we have to confront and manage. Metals simply cannot be replenished in the earth after they are removed and processed. There is another reality that all of us need to confront: where there are people, where those people live and create and thrive, there must also be mining.

Everything from basic amenities such as indoor plumbing, electricity and building materials to cutting-edge new advances in computing, electric vehicles and green energy, all rely on the increased supply of metals and minerals.

A society committed to reducing its impact on the environment cannot ignore the things it does badly and focus only on the things it does well. A low environmental impact society requires that there are equivalent leaps forward in the way we extract, process, use and re-use metals and minerals.

Many tools exist to make these improvements. Many others need to be developed.

NextOre is one of those tools that assists copper, iron ore and gold producers in transitioning to mining operations that can be done more precisely and efficiently. Extracting the most metal, while impacting the surrounding environment the least.

We are doing this by creating and supplying the sensors needed to scan every kilogram or tonne of rock in a mine to determine its value, enabling decisions to be made in real-time about how that rock should be handled. This means that a smaller quantity of higher-quality material can be processed, leading to less wasted electricity, water, fuel and chemicals and less tailings.

NextOre is pleased to be part of communities of environmentally focused entrepreneurs and visionaries. We look forward to making our world a greener place together."


Chris Beale, Founding CEO of NextOre


Cover Photo by dcbel on Unsplash

Feb 15, 2023

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