We had an excellent discussion with Tim and Alex, and despite me accidentally creating 2 different Zoom links, we had a good turnout and contribution from the audience.


Climate Salad founders Mick and Karen are private investors in the Cecil which Alex Logan is co-founder of.


  1. Tim's impassioned introduction to what Natural Capital is including use of a Zoom background to make the point.
  2. Alex's build on this to share conceptual and real nature based solutions.
  3. Trish from Unwstd with some great additions on ocean based natural capital ideas.
  4. The only solid debate came from audience member Anastasia from Regrow on the readiness for blockchain solutions in this space.
  5. The wonderful combination we had with co-founders, industry leaders, investors, scientists and university people. It's the village we need.

The Video


We are hosting a debate between two natural capital advocates. The aim is to drill in and really understand what it is, the impact and where to start.


  • Wednesday August 11
  • 2pm AEST Sydney Time

The Debaters

Tim Parsons

The Salmon Project


Alex Logan

Cecil Earth  - "We are a group of designers, engineers and product builders on a mission to restore land ecosystems. Cecil enables teams with software to simplify nature based projects that drive carbon capture."


The Dasgupta Review

Quote from Sir David Attenborough

  • ‚Äú...by bringing economics and ecology face to face, we can help to save the natural world and in doing so save ourselves."

Natural Capital Debate - RSVP

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

Aug 11, 2021

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