Xylo Systems is a biodiversity intelligence platform supporting businesses in measuring, minimising and reporting their impact on nature.

Our cloud-native software and comprehensive datasets enable businesses to understand their impacts on nature, prioritise key management actions and align these actions with globally recognised science based targets.

Customer Focus

Our horizon 1 users are sustainability managers in development and construction companies. Our platform will then expand to all industries which have a direct interface with nature including energy, mining, agriculture,  financial institutions and the consultants that work with them.

Co-founders Jada and Camille


Our greatest challenge is supporting our customers in initiating their nature impact reporting journey. Global initiatives like the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) are creating momentum for corporations to report on their interface with nature. This is an overwhelming challenge for many and our platform must simplify this process and integrate with exisiting ESG reporting processes 


We are collaborating with multiple conservation organisations as well as tech and data startups to aggregate high quality datasets which enable customers to receive insights which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. This is solving a huge problem that customers have been unable to overcome themselves.

Team: Xylo Systems was founded by Camille Goldstone-Henry (CEO) and Jada Andersen (CPO). Freddie Lancia is our Lead Data Scientist.

Product: Cloud-native biodiversity intelligence tool for measuring and managing a company’s interface with biodiversity

Market: Development and Construction corporates & Energy companies

Momentum: We have signed 4 corporate customers & 2 conservation users in the past 3 months. We have partnered with Microsoft ANZ as a digital partner and are launching our biodiversity footprint platform in June 2023.

Impact: Our impact is a reflection of our customers' impact as we enable companies to minimise their negative interface with nature. We have supported biodiversity-positive decision making for multiple live projects and have been featured in The Australians Top 100 Green Power Players 2023.


Company Name: Xylo Systems

Themes:  Data and AI, Climate Tech, Biodiversity, Nature-based solutions

Summary:  Biodiversity intelligence for business and the planet

Product stage: MVP

Founders: Camille Goldstone-Henry & Jada Andersen

Capital raising: We have raised a pre-seed round and are about to close our pre-seed bridging. If you like what we’re doing, please get in touch.

Company mission: Preserve and regenerate biodiversity for the planet through technological innovation.   

Why the team wants to solve this problem: Both founders have a background in biodiversity and are deeply passionate about protecting our natural environment. Camille is a wildlife conservationist and has worked on conservation projects around the world. Jada is an ecologist and conservationist with research experience in evolution and ecology.


Apr 5, 2023

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