It's always a little nerve-wracking to venture into new territory, but Melbourne did not disappoint! More than 200 Climate Tech founders, mentors, investors, students, supporters and curious industry leaders came out to join us at the Melbourne Climate Tech Showcase. It was also, if you can believe it, the first time the Climate Salad team had all met in person, and strangely enough, we do have legs and arms that reach beyond the Zoom lens. Check out all the photos here.

As Mick our co-founder and leader noted, it was uplifting and inspiring to see so many incredible Climate Tech founders take the stage to pitch and demonstrate their climate tech solutions. Equally as motivating was the talk and panel from Australia's leading Climate Tech investors, Rachel Yang, Nicole Small and Patrick Sieb sharing their thesis on creating a better world with great returns. But perhaps the best part of the evening was the enthusiasm and appetite for this industry sector and as Michael Bromley CEO of Stone & Chalk put it, "Climate Tech is the most important thing we can be doing". 

There is so much happening in Climate Tech, our community has exploded in numbers, interest and impact and we're spearheading a report to ensure we collect and collate the data on this fast-growing much-needed innovation sector.

The Climate Salad Team

Our Showcase was proudly carbon-neutral, hosted by Stone&Chalk also now carbon neutral, with sustainable food and drinks by Organic Hill, Stomping Ground Brewery, Fable Foods and edible bug chips by Circle Harvest. 

Elevating and amplifying our Climate Tech founders at these showcases would not be possible without the support of our partners; AWS activate, Twilio, Main Sequence, Investible Climate Tech Fund, Rampersand, Minter Ellison, Giant Leap and Stripe.  



Climate Tech companies that pitched and demonstrated: 


snapshot of our Melbourne Climate Tech Showcase 2022


The State of Climate Tech Report

Announcing our upcoming Climate Tech Industry Report 

The Australia and New Zealand Climate Tech industry is growing. Climate Salad has doubled in membership in the past three months, and our members are busy accelerating positive climate action. But how are they doing this? What sectors are thriving? Where are the opportunity gaps? How much capital has the industry raised and what is the measurable impact that the industry has on climate? Read more.

Apr 21, 2022

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