We have wrapped our 2023 International Trade Mission programs with a jam-packed visit to the beating heart of US tech during our San Francisco Trade Mission to Verge23.

14 incredible Aussie climate tech companies spent the action-packed week talking to customers, investors, partners and mentors as they begin to go global.Check out their incredible climate solutions here --> https://lnkd.in/gH4gX3Jj 

Highlights included workshops with Cooley LLP and Silicon Valley Bank, a visit to the Stanford School of Sustainability and an amazing lunch with John Picard. Plus hundreds of conversations during the Verge conference itself. 

We couldn't do this without the tireless support of the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and Trade and Investment Queensland. A big thank you in particular to Sarah Smith, Heather James, Anthony Christensen and Hana Peltonen for your work on this mission.

Some takeaways from Verge 👇

🌿 Increased conversations about biodiversity and nature-based solutions

We need to protect, restore and enhance ecosystems alongside carbon reduction and removal strategies

🛠 Software alone is never going to solve climate problems

"Silicon Valley is not called 'lines of code valley' or 'enterprise saas valley'. We need hardware VC to solve climate challenges and change what is physically possible in the world" - Tom Chi, One Ventures

📈 There is a LOT of hype around AI

How can we meaningfully utilise AI to accelerate positive change?

🍽 Environmental justice must be built into climate solutions

"We have to bring everyone to the table - if you're not sitting at the table, then you are probably on the menu" - John Bear, Jr. CEP, PACAN

And we’re doing it all again in 2024! Keep an eye out in the new year for the opportunity to join Climate Salad trade missions to the US, EU/UK and ASEAN. 

Nov 8, 2023

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