Allegro Energy

Allegro Energy is building world leading new Redox Flow Batteries (for utility scale energy storage ) and Supercapacitors (for e-mobility power applications especially EVs, e-buses, e-trucks, and light rail). Allegro's unique technology is water-based, making it non-flammable, non corrosive and it uses no rare or hazardous raw materials. Its products are easier and cleaner to make and a fraction of the cost of competing technology while having comparable or better performance.


Customer Focus

Energy storage products are needed virtually everywhere as we transition to a renewable energy economy. Allegro Energy operates on a B2B model and our customers range from IoT to electromobility (EVs, public transport, logistics, etc.) to utility-scale energy storage. Although Allegro Energy is still at an early stage, the company is already working with a whole range of future customers with different energy storage needs.

We welcome enquiries from potential customers, partners and major investors.


Energy storage solutions are experiencing unprecedented market pull. For example, the Hunter region in NSW alone will require at least 25 GWh of energy storage in the near future. With Allegro Energy offering one of the most competitive products on the market, demand will very soon exceed production and supply chain capacity in the region. We rely on building a strong network of partners and suppliers to help us meet this massive demand.


Allegro Energy's unique electrolyte system is based on water and makes electrical energy storage more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Allegro's supercapacitors are around 90% cheaper than competing supercaps, along with being non-flammable, non-toxic and significantly easier to make. With our massive cost advantage, supercaps are likely to be part of the power solution for every type of e-mobility, especially EVs, e-buses, e-trucks and light rail.

Similarly, the work we are doing to progress MoUs with major Aus / EU gentailers indicates that our long-term storage redox flow batteries will substantially undercut all competitors (measured by both LCOS and EPC costs).

Both are supercaps and RFBs perform at least as well as competing tech.

Together, Allegro's innovations provide the clean, safe, low-cost and versatile storage needed for a circular economy.

Report Card

Team: Thomas Nann, Fraser Hughson, Rohan Borah

Product: Electrical Energy Storage

Market: Electric mobility, Long-duration energy storage (LDES)


From the Founders

Company name: Allegro Energy

Themes: Energy, Transport, Circular Economy, Reduce Emissions

Summary: We sell clean, non-hazardous, sustainable, high-performing energy storage solutions, scaling from small to unility scale. Also, our solutions are really cheap.

Product stage: Prototype

Company mission: While batteries are critical to the transition to a zero-carbon economy, current technology is far from ‚Äėclean and green‚Äô. At Allegro Energy, we are passionate about providing sustainable energy storage solutions. We have invented a new, patented, water-based electrolyte system that does not compromise on performance, making many battery types not only much cheaper, but also environmentally friendly and compatible with a ¬†circular economy. We develop holistic energy storage solutions for different types of renewable energy needs.


Cover Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Mar 31, 2022

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