Kicking off Climate Tech Week at CORE Innovation Hub in WA, we co-hosted a WA Climate Tech Investor Round Table event. Led by Climate Salad Co-Founder and CEO, Mick Liubinskas, the event centred on entrepreneurs and investors’ interest in climate tech and developing technologies and services that will move the needle significantly for our future. 

The group highlighted the inertia faced by industries, particularly mining and energy companies, which are among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. While the agriculture sector was identified as particularly promising, accessing capital posed a significant challenge.

The group discussed the necessity of partnerships with universities and access to testing infrastructure to accelerate the development of deep tech solutions in climate tech. There was also a consensus on the need for supportive partners across all stages of development to facilitate scaling.

The event raised questions about the existence of a gap in the market for hard tech accelerators and emphasised the potential of leveraging the knowledge base within mining companies for innovation. Additionally, there was discussion about the importance of understanding the full landscape of the investment space beyond venture capital, as well as exploring alternative funding options. Participants also debated how to improve deal flow in Western Australia and whether the challenge lies in accessing deals or securing capital. 

It was fantastic to see such insightful discussions happening around some of the big challenges and opportunities facing innovators. 

A big thanks to the group of investors who shared their ideas and insights in this session!

This article was written by CORE Innovation Hub and originally appeared on their website.


A huge thanks to our partners at CORE Innovation Hub, WA+ and Meshpoints who helped make the event happen.

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Mar 19, 2024

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