Climate Salad took a trip to Perth last week, connecting with some wonderful WA-based folks in the climate tech space. We were excited to co-host the WA Climate Tech Meetup, which brought together a diverse group of founders, investors, government and industry leaders, as well as supporters of the local climate tech community.

Booked out within days, the turnout for the event was awesome! The room was packed full of enthusiastic WA folks, showing just how much interest there is in climate tech in the region.

Highlights included the keynote from The Hon. Minister Stephen Dawson, as well as the fireside chats with Sylvia Tokic, founder of Electro Base, and Derek Gerrard of Purpose Ventures. Listening to their thoughts on where climate tech is at and where it's heading was inspiring!

We were also delighted to meet with some local founders, including —

Sue Robson - Syrinx Environmental Pty Ltd/EnphytoBox®

Mia Pitassi - Skipping Stones Refillery

Bernard McCartan - Lir Energy

Marc Allen - Unravel Carbon

Glen Ryan - Sunovate

Richard Paterson - Biomass Projects

A huge thanks to our partners at CORE Innovation Hub, WA+ and Meshpoints who helped make the event happen. These collaborations are so important for pushing the climate tech industry forward.

The WA Climate Tech Meetup was a chance to connect with new friends and partners in the climate space in Western Australia. Thanks for having us - we can’t wait to be back in Perth later this year!


Mar 6, 2024

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