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Climate Salad is a community of entrepreneurs, scientists and investors focused on climate change fighting technologies. The Climate Salad mission is to help those that are building technology solutions to climate problems get more customers, find great people and grow to their full potential.

Climate Salad is looking for a qualified and climate action passionate Community Manager to join our small, dynamic team. If you are a self-driven and ambitious tech-savvy professional we would love to meet you! We are expecting you to be connected to the sustainability ecosystem and experienced with various social media platforms.

Ultimately, you should be able to act as the face and voice for Climate Salad and manage all community communications on various platforms.Ultimately, you should be able to act as the face and voice for Climate Salad and manage all community communications on various platforms.

This will be a contract role for 3 months with the intention to extend into a permanent position. 

Starting at 20 hours per week preferably spread over a week to allow engagement with all platforms each day. 

Why You Should Join Us:

  • Have a real impact on helping the world get to net zero
  • Be a critical connector in the world of sustainability, entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • Learn about climate science, challenges and technology solutions

Community Manager duties and responsibilities

  • Set, plan and implement social media and communication campaigns and strategies
  • Provide engaging text, image and video content for all social media and professional accounts including Slack, Linkedin, Twitter and email list.¬†
  • Constantly gather feedback from the community and bring those insights to the wider team
  • Escalate and flag issues as needed to keep the community a trusted space
  • Help manage and execute a community content strategy¬†
  • Moderate, listen and engage regularly with our amazing community members, providing them with any support and resources they need¬†
  • Monitor, track and report on relevant metrics
  • Build relationships with community, customers, industry professionals and journalists
  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends
  • Manage all internal and external community documentation including company wiki
  • Create and update community onboarding and off-boarding processes.

Key Skills / Experience

  • No degree requirements for this role
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills including the ability to clearly communicate recommendations and solutions
  • Experience working with various online community platforms ie Slack, Linkedin, Twitter
  • Basic video editing skills and working with audio files to create podcasts
  • Ability to excel at both internal and external communication
  • Ability to develop and implement creative solutions and influence others in their adoption.
  • Flexibility and adapting quickly when priorities change.
  • Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly.¬†

Who We Are:

We launched Climate Salad earlier this year to tackle the very real issues around the climate crisis. Most Australians recognise the need to act on climate but struggle to understand what that really means. By 2030, Climate Salad will have significantly impacted over 1,000 climate tech companies.

How to Apply:

We are so excited to invite your application over the next two weeks (closing 5pm Friday 17 September).

Apply by filling out the form below.

We will be contacting candidates as soon as we see strong applications coming through and may close applications before the advertised end date. So raise your hand! We can’t wait to meet you. 

Thank you in advance for sharing this exciting role with those in your network.


Photo by Daniel Funes Fuentes on Unsplash

Sep 6, 2021

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